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Wild Earth to launch plant-based, meat-free dog food

Ryan Bethencourt, Wild Earth CEO, talks about how he realized the protein we feed our pets isn’t up to snuff, so he wanted to change the game a bit.

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  1. He has many valid points. She tried to shut down his seemingly winning argument by saying we don’t want to gross out our viewers

  2. The poor dogs will get diabetes from this food.

  3. This has got to be the dumbest thing I've ever heard. Canines are carnivores. Animal meat is essential to their diets. In fact they eat almost entirely meat for their diet. Oats especially is a terrible ingredient. Canines should not consume grains. Ever. If you want a good dog food. Look online for companies outside the US that make a non gmo zero grain food. N&D out of Italy is one of if not the best right now on the entire market. Stay away from food manufactured in the US. They are ALLOWED to flat out lie to us on the ingredient label. It's beyond ridiculous.

  4. I'm a vegetarian, but DOGS ARE CARNIVORES; their health will never be optimal without meat.

  5. Watch Wild Earth LOSE its butt.

  6. Dogs and cats are carnivores. I avoid feeding my cats beef because I just can't see my cats taking down a cow, but… They definitely get mostly meat. I am a little disappointed in how much effort some high quality cat food producers put into making the food attractive to me. Would be better if they put that effort in making the food better for the animal. Besides the fact my pets need meat, that is another reason I would avoid the pet food in Fox's infomercial above. Don't make it for me, make it for the pets. As for wet versus dry food. I always leave out some dry food so they can free feed. But I also give them wet food meals.


  8. Dogs are not vegans.

    Dogs require meat.

    I hope this company goes bankrupt and the idiots pushing this go to hell for making dogs suffer.

  9. I've watched for years when my dog (and cat, too) went outside and scarfed down on grass, like it's a treat. I'm not saying ALL meat should be avoided, but I AM saying dogs LIKE greens — maybe just for a break, especially if they have an allergy. This guy made good points but — as usual — he was cut off because his message was off-narrative. (Too "icky" — are we THAT lily-livered to even conceive that there are unhealthy animals being used as pet food? Not right, but there's a LOT that's not right in our news! Read your own headlines how humans in VENEZUELA have had to survive.)

  10. I guess no one has noticed all those dogs grazing happily in the grassy fields.

  11. Oh now they are tell dogs what to eat what is this planet coming to idiots my God. God please help us now from crazy people like this HELP

  12. This is a cruelty to dogs. Dogs are carnivorous, they can eat a little vegetables and fruits, but they certainly cannot survive with no meat.

  13. Probably not a good idea as dogs evolved from wolfs and really need protein to grow. Meat is the only option. Plant protein does not provide the same proteins like meat does. Ask any veterinarian. Unlike humans that can have any type of food and survive. Stick to a normal diet for your dog.

  14. A dog's teeth are designed to eat meat not plants. If he had teeth like a cow, ok

  15. Humans are dying from plant based, he's capitalizing on the vegan craze

  16. This is a diet to make veterinarians rich. They need meat not processed plant crap

  17. There have been many more food Recalls with Human Food than with Dog Food across this country. This guy needs to get his facts straight.

  18. This Idiot thinks that he knows more than an Animal Vet. Where did this guy get his medical license from.

  19. Att: vegans, just picture my Beagle eating raw meat. 😁

  20. I didn't even trust the meat dog food. How many dogs have died from tainted dog food. My dogs get real steak, chicken, roasts, etc. The worst thing they are fed is hot dogs. I do not trust dog food companies, they add things like peanut husk filler to their food. No thanks.

  21. The purpose of dogs and cats is to live a happy and healthy life. My animals love their meat and that’s is exactly what they are going to get. They get so excited when they get meat, why would I avoid their happiness? Nonsense.

  22. I've only ever seen my dog eat meat & poop ….

  23. They are trying to remove the "wild" from everything that the animals learned since time began. Restructuring the world according to their design, disregarding mother nature's.

  24. Nope. We will stick to meat. When prices get to high I’ll raise and slaughter my own.

  25. I'm a bit fussy about meat but this guy makes me want to eat it more. I'm serious

  26. Boil or Bake out the oil of your pork & beef to live longer and charge it to your customers.
    Make an Orgy that people can report to that the Authorities should police instead of drugs.

  27. STUPID STUPID STUPID Dogs are carnivores.Think about it idiot. Do expect lions in the wild to eat the grass????? Fool

  28. all vegans seem people that never do manual labor of any kind

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