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Wildfires in West cause air pollution l WNT

The governors of California and Nevada pleaded for more resources to fight dangerous wildfires after six states were forced to send air quality alerts. Boston issued air quality warnings Monday.




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Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  1. AOC will want to ban forest fires

  2. In Minnesota we are dealing with wildfire smoke from Canada 🤮

  3. It is sad how quickly the climate on our planet is changing



  5. Mask will be compulsory air pollution corona🙄

  6. It’s so bad over central Michigan it’s affecting our cell towers and satellite communications! We need to install air scrubbers on our windmills!

  7. اعل ياجبار فوق الجبابرة في الارض اعل ربي

  8. Lol now the whole country has to suffer because the West is on fire. That's just great 🤣🤣🤣💀

  9. It’s okay New York we’re sending it to you on purpose you fkkking liberals 🖕

  10. Thank you for the report ABC.

  11. No more cars or stronger effects will happen

  12. The governors of California and Nevada pleaded for more resources to fight dangerous wildfires after six states were forced to send air quality alerts.

  13. LOL! No it causes cancer…."benzene" Is in forest fires! Happens every year like clock work….

  14. If you are looking for away to help the environment you can use ecosia they are a search engine that plants trees

  15. Needs to be tougher consequences for people who start fires. Also need to bring back controlled burning. These Government officials are useless in these states and have no idea how to manage fire season!

  16. Maybe we should just pave the entire SW. No more wildfires. 🤷🏻‍♀️. That’s probably easier than gettin morons to realize CLIMATE CHANGE IS REAL. IF WE REDUCE OUR CO2 Emissions, the droughts will subside. Wake up people. We took one summer off driving and Arizona got a monsoon for the first time in 10 years. It’s not that hard. We have the technology to lead the world in renewable energy, free ourselves from Middle East oil dependence. It’s the oil companies and investors in congress. They’re responsible for the destruction of earth. Stop having babies because billionaires want more money to colonize space and leave us all behind to die. There will be nothing left before they’re done…Earth will be uninhabitable. Is that the life you want to give a baby? Be born just to die in a collapsed society. They kept us at each other by encouraging racists yelling “FREE DUMB” and arguing over ignoring science so we wouldn’t see what their game plan was. Screw every last cent out of earth and “escape”. I have bad news for idiot billionaires- there’s no escape.

  17. The GOP " It's Summer " 😕

  18. God please bless America 🇺🇸 please

  19. It looks like the sunset of Planet Tatooine from the Star Wars Movie Franchise but without the second sun on top 0:08

  20. That's why don't live in California sucks to be there. Why do you think people move down south cheaper to live. I live in Yankee State of New Jersey but I'm a Texan born and raised I was born in Dallas. And I got to say people also flee Yankee state of New Jersey why because it's to damn expensive to bad so sad oh well

  21. Nobody cares about this melodrama.
    Hey ABC News, am I allowed to jokingly say Guten Tag to Von Muir? Or are you Politically Correct Anal Retentive Scrubs going to MUTE ME here too?

    Oh yeah, YOU CAN'T. YOUTUBE BELIEVES IN FREE SPEECH. Even headlines featuring a WHINER.

    Take Lamictal + Cymbalta and STOP CRYING.


  22. dont tell greta 😂😂

  23. I remember when I was little we lived there that's all we always seen nothing but fires on the mountains and it still ain't quit God bless everybody and thank you for keeping us updated buddy have a good night

  24. Biden admin created this just like covid.

  25. My grandpa died from the fires 🙁 i go to hos funeral today

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