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WildFit Quest – The Evolution of Health & Fitness by Eric Edmeades

Join Eric’s program “WildFit Quest – The Evolution of Health and Fitness” now👉https://go.mindvalley.com/BQF-xA1j

Eric Edmeades’ research on the “human diet” has led him to develop the WildFit Quest, a step-by-step system to quickly transition people to this revolutionary way of looking at health and fitness.


00:10 We Have Self-Care Problem
00:25 Solution of Self-Care Problem
00:52 Radically change your psychology
01:18 Structure and Changing habits
02:16 Introducing the brand new course: WildFit

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  1. Uncover the truth behind why we eat what we eat… and how you can return to the path of vibrant health and vitality with Eric Edmeades's FREE masterclass👉https://go.mindvalley.com/6z3nxF9T

  2. My point here is again and again another white man this time from South Africa that does learn or steals from a South from tribe from the very people they OPPRESSED and give no recognition and no financial compensations whatsoever!!

  3. I'm convinced the USDA is not doing the job they promised us 170 years ago.

  4. I was so interested to try this and was happy to hear after the masterclass that the course will be discounted.. just to find out that even with discount I’m paying still 500USD. That is MORE than two months of rent. I am more than willing to pay for a course like this because of all the effort, research put into it and the worth I can get out of it but 500 is ridiculous. Why not make a cheaper package where there are less bonus options or benefits? Be ACCESSIBLE to MORE THAN JUST THE TOP 5% because you cannot preach wellness for all people if only some people can afford it.

  5. If I join this will I still allow to eat nasi kandar with that crispy fry chicken because it's my favorite and Vishen's too? PJ's nasi kandar sounds awesome but maybe he only took pizza kandar nowadays..

  6. so much bullshit in just one video

  7. Por favor traducir al Español Latino

  8. Dear mindvalley. Please note I’m using a friends account for the purpose of staying anonymous.

    Please comment on white privilege. I purchased the wildfit course and the same information Eric is giving us was given to us br Dr Sebi many years ago yet he had to go through court case after court case to be able to share this exact information with the world. Yet you sell Eric’s course and no law suits have been logged against you?

  9. Thank you so much for this wonderful presentation. Agree 100% about diet! For those who are interested, more than a hundred years ago, this was already being said and was published in 1938. Take a look to this great free book that totally supports the idea of a better lifestyle!

  10. In the end it's all about money.. This is all bullshit.. Don't sell in the name of helping the planet 🌏 the planet doesn't need people like you instead it needs people doing the real "Seva" I hope you'd Google the word Seva and find your right path.

  11. Wildfit sounds like a just another Paleo brand. Does anyone know if it’s different from Paleo?

  12. So I want to afford this but R13 000 odd SA rand with no one from SA knowing any it is too hard to invest in

  13. Background music anyone?

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  15. Thanks for this clip, sound fun and interesting!

  16. oh well I'm 16. I'm at the verge of obesity. your master class inspired me so much and now i don't have money..😬😬


  18. Just Another CON-man !!!

  19. Can it benefit skinny guys ?

  20. If you care why the high price. It is not about the long term benefits it is about the people who want to be better but are stuck with no small rope to hang onto

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