Monday , November 30 2020
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Will Dems’ impeachment inquiry lead to a shutdown?

Rep. Tom McClintock (R-CA) gives some history to past impeachment inquiries and how it might apply to this current one against President Trump.

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  1. Senate is a trial you idiots

  2. 200 bills are sitting in Moscow Mitch desk ! Do your job

  3. The James Buchanan impeachment?? "Well, you know your stuff"

  4. Any one notice that there is less news then there has been lately especially on you tube about Donald Trump?

  5. The left are in Treason and should be arrested for crimes against we the people and our elected President. These are act of fascist criminals who must pay for there crimes.

  6. They’re taking to long
    At this pace we’re going to have thing whole thing coming down amid elections

  7. A grand jury does not empanel itself… and cannot give itself the authority to subpoena witnesses. likewise the house judiciary committee has no authority to go through an impeachment inquiry without a full house vote

  8. does anyone else hit mute when she talks?

  9. The Dumb O Rats wants a shutdown. So they can attempt another Florida vacation

  10. RE: Title – Hope not. People are wiped out listening to this never-ending conflict emanating from a Malignant who should be living at Belview Hospital rather than the Oval Office.

  11. The beautiful people and the fall of the Roman empire, ahh. Stop the madness just respect leadership.

  12. Your making an important point so I will interrupt you!

  13. No, you are both ignorant. By James Buchanan let's assume he means Andrew Johnson. These people make more than me? At 3:35

  14. She's over-enthusiastic. Seems a little nervous, trying to do a good job. Is she new?

  15. From Australia. NO he was trying to make a very good point, but YOU talked over him and cut him off so WE can't hear his answer. NO this is just another example of a supposed professional journalist trying to make someone come around to his or her point. I sincerely hope that NO members of Conress ever agree to be interviewed by YOU ever again.

  16. “A nation of well-informed men who have been taught to know and prize the rights which God has given them cannot be enslaved. It is in the region of ignorance that tyranny begins.” Benjamin Franklin”

  17. The vote will come at due time.

  18. A shut down would work better then it is now working. Get rid of the Double-crossers

  19. Dems are not following any of our laws, traditions, the constitution, or human decency.

  20. We gave the country to the dummies , and the Imbecilic in chief has given the country to the Russians. Congratulations Fox you were instrumental in the surrender.

  21. why do people solely pointing at democrats like they are the only ones that want to get rid of trump? i know quite a few right wingers that can't stand him too.
    granted they are all the democrat and republican elite are one party,but still.

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