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Will Hong Kong protests interfere with U.S.-China trade talks?

Hudson Institute Senior Fellow Michael Pillsbury on U.S. trade tensions with China and the impact of the protests in Hong Kong.

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  1. I wonder why YouTube didn't shut down Racist News stations like FauxNews, but shut down channels covering CIA operatives in Hong Kong protests.

  2. Hong Kong protest will put more exciting moment on US and China talks.

  3. Please STOP saying "Chinese" when you actually mean the Chinese Communist Party. You cannot be Chinese and a communist, it is one or the other, not both. Please use you words correctly the world is watching. Be precise. It is the Chinese Communist Party, not China or the Chinese.

  4. Let alone the Hong Kong protests, the extradition bill itself allows Chinese jurisdiction to be extended to Hong Kong. Our financial investments in PRC are via Hong Kong, the bill allows China to freeze our assets in Hong Kong by fabricated "crime" which is quite common in PRC. Hong Kong courts can only make extradition decision base on written prima facie evidence from PRC. That's a real big problem!

  5. How dare Hongkong interrupt our trade talks with their selfish quest for freedom. 😑

  6. Where are the Brits on this issue. Why hasn't a leader made a public statement on how they view this statement?

  7. Where are the Brits on this issue. Why hasn't a leader made a public statement on how they view this statement?

  8. Trade what? China steals everything from the USA… Knockoff China isn't a partner….

  9. China lost big time in this Trade War will cause China communist broke down.

  10. our democrat party is the one interfering in a negotiated peace.

  11. Xi Jinping is Winnie the Pooh
    Winnie the Pooh
    Tubby little cubby all stuffed with fluff!
    He's Winnie the Pooh
    Xi Jinping Winnie the Pooh
    Willy nilly silly old bear!

  12. We can do nothing but wish them the best.

  13. China wants Hong Cong because it has a Rich Democratic economy.

  14. No but Trump as usual will make it so as an excuse.

  15. China is afraid that the thirst for freedom will spread into mainland China. You can deny freedom for just so long. Commie rats..

  16. American doesnt have any other idea other than trying to tight huawei, hong kong and taiwan into a trade deal, as if the chinese are dumb.

  17. It remindes me of the good old days in 2007 when the market was at its all time high. Dame, it crashed overnight. The next thing WH could think about was sending Henry Paulson to China BEGGING BEGGING the Chinese to lend Americans money by buying US treasuries. Chinese agreed but never imagined Americans can be so ungrateful. Don't make the same mistake when you have a second chance, Chinese say to themselves.

  18. Interesting. The China has dropped the bom in economy by reducing their currency and the US as usual dropped the bom in democratization that they have never done that liberal like not in other countries.

  19. China peoples are so annoying they obey communist parties like to be controlled that's okay but why are they obstructing other people's rights for freedom. That's overbearing !

  20. US fascist dogs. They don't want anyone to surpass them

  21. Xi's regime is collapsing and he wants to bring HK down with him. Stay strong HK, change is coming as Trump presses thier leadership into fair and honest trade.

  22. America is going to be the biggest winner.

  23. I just watched the news that said Ilhan and Tlaib planned an event on the Temple Mount. I pray the Our Father daily and thinking of those venomous evil people standing where Jesus stood and spewing vial upsets me to no end. I pray for God to cast his glorious holy spirit upon America and Bless us all! Media thinks this is ok, so Scary and no FBI or CIA for protection, we must all call on God! And they think we are stupid enough to give them our weapons? NOT! This is America One Nation Under GOD! And my President is not RACIST!

  24. It ‘s scary how wrong these so called smart aleck know about the Chinese leader. No wonder all your foreign policies is haywire. No strategy objective, no understanding of other cultures.

  25. In hindsight, it is a shame that instead of returning Hong Kong to China, UK should have granted Hong Kong independence as a copy of Singapore.

  26. free TAXAS,
    free California
    free Scotland
    free Hawaii


  28. China needs to back down and keep things the way they are , what a bunch of idiots

  29. A quarter of the whole Hong Kong people were out protesting peacefully against the traitorous Hong Kong government. Carrie Lam is shameless, she still wants to cling on to power when not wanted. Listen to the people, not obey Beijing. Hong Kong first, not Beijing first.

    China uses military and political threats, uses a sophisticated disinformation campaign to demonize the protesters. China is a big but brainless bully! The indomitable spirit of the HK people will wash away the dirty HK govt. Make HK great again!! HK forever!


  31. Oversea chinese should support Hongkong

  32. Interfere in US China trade talks? That's what it's for isn't it? Typical modus operandi of the Zionist who have this country, the US in a stronghold as well as Britain. I mean these are our shared values now. O and they gave themselves, these bastards, the spawn of satan, a new name =="THE. STRATIGIC CULTURAL. FOUNDATION". composed of USA Israel. And Britain. These sickos have the gaul to call their ethics an implementation of culture.

  33. If Trump is considering buying Greenland, buy Hong Kong too.

  34. Well thank you for revealing the true purpose of the protests…

  35. Keep Hong Kong free keep America free keep Israel free

  36. I’m Chinese and born and grew up in australia, but I still see myself as “Chinese” which is 中国人 right… why are we fighting with our own people, while the Americans just sits and watches. HK – don’t forget who your ancestors are.

  37. Be done with China – A few years of nobody on the Planet trading with them may remind them it is almost 2020 WTF

  38. HK people rallies were always peaceful until the CCP hired the thugs to beat them up. That is when HK people retaliated. When you are pushed to the corner, the only way out is to fight for your life. HK people, God bless you and stay strong!

  39. Hong Kong to China on Break-up: It's not me, it's definitely you!

  40. China simply don't care about any deal with trump, why even bother bring it up. China will govern Hong Kong the way they see fit, with or without any outside insertion.

  41. Take something that is not yours, it will never be yours to begin with. HK Hearts are not with you China. Don't force the issue. Deal with it with love. Let HK go!

  42. we get into a war with China, ban "Chino-phobia" and elect Xi to Congress,,,,,,


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