Will Inflation Reduction Act actually reduce inflation?

Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson joins ‘The Evening Edit’ to predict the effectiveness of the Inflation Reduction Act. #foxbusiness #theeveningedit

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  1. Rule of thumb: whatever a bill/ act is Named it won’t do that. It’s for anything the government does.

  2. Sick negative silo news media outket. So misleading. WAKE UP!

  3. All someone has to do is read the bill to know they're lying, don't Fox viewers ever fact check anything they're told???

  4. Can't believe these people can get away with just lying to people like this, Fox is a disgraceful propaganda outlet for the Republican party.

  5. Big wins for Dems. Vets get help, despite republicans attempt to block it, environment and aid to those hurt by changes in economy that has become more hi-tech, paid for by the wealthiest companies who currently take the ride but don't pay for the ticket. WOW. Win, win, win! We should be dancing in the streets.

  6. Vote that guy out office

  7. Hahahahha Ron Johnson, an expert? Hahahahhhahahahahah fox news is always funny

  8. Lmao Facebook employees gonna lose jobs hahahaha well they wanted Biden

  9. Republicans get their donations from these wealthy corporations. Republicans DO NOT represent 95% of America.

    I hope America will choose Democrats this midterm election

  10. @SenateDems @SenateGOP @RonWyden @JeffMerkley @SenSanders @SenWarren Please tell fed senators that their lies don't work & to VOTE NO Inflation Reduction Act. Why Democrat's yelling @ Americans during news conference? Because think yell loud enough we citizens will believe lies.

  11. Start up the war machine eventually.

  12. I challenge anyone out there to show where in this bill that it specifies raising taxes on the average middle class worker. Or is this just more GOP BS like their claims of election fraud?

  13. Lmao. You guys are lying through your teeth to your viewers.

  14. Dips*** Ron believes Social security adds to the deficit.

  15. The 2017 trump tax cut for the rich raised my taxes 7,000 a year. F you all!!

  16. Ron is a really trustworthy senator lol.

  17. IT would quite certainly shrink
    my income. A ffth grader could
    do simple math, you have to spend $2, but made only $1,
    You need to earn another $1
    to balance your bank statement.

  18. Crazy…. American is crazy… boden is disaster of america. Omg

  19. About like "The Corrupt Politicians Act" would have curbed election fraud. 🤣🤣🤣

  20. Trump Train 🚂🚂🚂🚂 all the way baby!!!!!!

  21. To hell with raising taxes

  22. Go Trump…put them democrats out of the house

  23. This increases everyone's taxes!!!! Typical Nazicrat lies. While they arm the IRS
    the Joint Committee on Taxation (JCT) has done its job, estimating the increase in taxes for people in each income group.

    The $54.3 billion tax increase for 2023, the JCT estimates, won’t increase taxes for anyone with income between $0 and $30,000. But the JCT also points out that its measure of income includes not just adjusted gross income but also employer contributions to health insurance, the employer’s share of the Social Security tax (FICA), and the insurance value of Medicare benefits. So millions of people whose adjusted gross income is below $30,000 will pay somewhat higher taxes.

    People with income up to $75,000 won’t pay much more. But people with income between $75,000 to $100,000 will see their average tax rate rise from 15.8 percent to 16.0 percent. The average tax rate for people with income between $100,000 and $200,000 will rise from 19.1 percent to 19.4 percent, and between $200,000 and $500,000 will rise from 24.1 percent to 24.4 percent.

  24. All the left has done for decades now is change what the problems look. The problems are still based on policies based on gubmint control and pissing off the masses.

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  26. I will never stop recommending Maskoffweb on youtube on till everyone benefit from his service they legitimate earning PayPal hack from online

  27. Remember, the last 18 months is a direct result of Biden and Democrats running the country like their failed States and Cities. This is them trying 'to fix' something that wasn't even broken; especially Trumps Pro-America Policies.

  28. We are not a nation of communist,socialists, selling our country, for personal gain, as the bidens have done for years.America first for all our people not just a few like Kerry an the majority of democrats in power today. They serve China first, disguised as Americans but only for their own self interest and pockets.Midterm's will start the change.

  29. They deny it is inflation in the first place, and yet they introduce a bill to reduce inflation. Common GOP, think!!!!!!!

  30. Ron Johnson wants to have Social Security and Medicare benefits subject to annual deliberations. He called them an entitlement program. I thought he was one of the real representatives of the people . Does he realize what a move like this would do to the senior citizens of this country? Makes me wonder who do you trust anymore?

  31. What about how this bill will also weaponizes the IRS? What are you people thinking and now the selfish Manchin throws eveyone under the bus for a payoff for WVA!