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Will Trump announce 2024 White House run at CPAC?

FOX News contributor Ben Domenech discusses what the former president may include in his speech. #FoxBusiness

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  1. I hope he does play with this..
    Keep them on the ropes!

  2. Why would any Republican bother running for any office, when the Dems have gotten away with obvious vote fraud?

  3. If we're going for crazy, let's go all the way.

    "Giuliani and Powell for 2024"

  4. Forget 2024 ,, massive fraud Trump 80%
    To take bribe joe's 20 fox is for traitors

  5. CPAC? More like CPACK as in Convention Of Police and Cop Killers. Oh, this party has so much to be proud of.

  6. CPAC attendees booed when they were ask to wear masks. They have the right to die. Let them die because they have disrespected the people of America. Trump wants white supremacy to take over America. The true voters who are not suppressed WILL NOT let that happen. True Americans will take a stand against that kind of crap.

  7. Yes it is and hes not going anywhere he is our president Trump still and we love him so much

  8. They have completely lost their minds

  9. To me President Trump is my president…

  10. Until voting becomes, in person with ID and only helping those with disability and lack of transportation, with reps from both parties with eyes on everything going on in polling stations, will there be fair elections

  11. Donald Trump will be the second president since Grover Cleveland to win a non consecutive term making him both the the 45th and 47th President of these United States!

  12. President Trump didnt loose.


  14. yes he will. he likes fools giving him free money. he left the white house with 800M of donations.

  15. Anybody is better than Biden.

  16. Ugh! It’s always about him. Maybe Mother Earth has different plans, before we have to deal with this fool running again!

  17. When. Trump. coming. this. times. Chineses"s. drugs. control. US. everywhere. They. occupy. US. country. So. Trump. will. so. difficality. functons of. US. busies. and. powers. He. obey. Chineses"s. giverment"s. order s. If. not. He. attack. Chineses. a. second. time. and. killed. with. Chineses"s. drugs. forces

  18. Trump is a malignant dripping tumor eating away at the Republicans party, if chosen as the 2024 candidate will only hand another election to the Democrats.

  19. Yes ! I sure do hope ex-president Clorox runs for president again in 2024 – he'll be 78 then & with his dementia in full force, he'll be comedy gold ! 👏
    Please bring him back Faux-News – the annihilation of the GOP is incomplete & must be completed ! 🤣

  20. And Win 2024 he will. And All those Corrupt Evil Vile Lying Cheating Stealing POS Rats in Congress will All be Arrested and Charged with Treason and Corruption against the American People and the Constitution. President Trump will Terminate All those Rats with Exstreme Prejudice! Biden and Harris your days are numbered and short!


  22. TRUMP don't tease he,s perfectionist

  23. He could say yes but I’ll say NO oranges

  24. We american people need trump back the best president ever Biden,Nancy Chuck and all the other ones are destroying america and our jobs

  25. Trump 2024, to save this country , last chance before its gone

  26. Likely he will so he can grift more stupid donors money into his family's pockets.



  29. Trump lost the popular vote in 2016, the House in 2018, the White House and the popular vote in 2020 and the Senate in 2021. He's the only President in the history of polling never to have had an approval rating above 48%. So, of course, he should run again.

  30. Trump will win in 2024. Calling it now

  31. If Trump announces his candidacy for 2024, the democrats will spend the next 4 years fighting this, the USA will then fall back in the world status and Trump will move in and sort out all the crap again.

  32. These two are so annoying and cringe

  33. He should MAGA! The people want Trumpism!

  34. I don’t think Trump will announce at C-PAC but he’s unpredictable AND very much the Head of the Republican Party. Many miss his Solid VISIBLE TRANSPARENT America-First Leadership. And I agree showman that he is he’ll drag it out BUT I also believe he’ll respect the BEST INTERESTS of America right now when it comes to international issues & interferences. Trump is SMART BOLD but some miss he can also be extremely gracious.

  35. Yes
    "I plan to run for the Republican nomination in 2024 and if I don't win it will mean the Primary was Rigged.
    If I do win then the Primary was not Rigged. Then if I don't win the Presidential Election well then it was Rigged. If I do win it was not Rigged. Just one question though, If I am in Jail, can I get a work release so I can Campaign? Give Me A Break".

  36. I love Kennedy, just not the fence pole she has stuck up her butt…you have to compromise and pick sides.

  37. In-person voting only with valid ID and address verification

  38. Will social media remove all Trump videos from CPAC?

  39. The GOP should be placed on a terror watchlist!

  40. If he announces the Democrats go apoplectic

  41. i’m all for trump again or a desantis/rand team!!

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