Wednesday , October 28 2020
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Winter Morning Get Ready With Me! | Fashion Mumblr AD

❄ My Winter Morning Get Ready With Me!
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This video is in collaboration with IKEA!

IKEA makeup lighting solutions mentioned in this video;

FADO Table Lamp :

SVIRVEL Floor Lamp :

For more IKEA products:


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  1. The bloopers were so funny! Can you do more?

  2. You look like an older version of Freddy my love

  3. There is a lot of bronzer on your forehead though.

  4. you kind of look like freddy my love and sound like her to .check our her channel (freddy my love)

  5. wow u look so much like freddymylove

  6. You look so much like freddy!❤️

  7. any else thinks she looks like freddy my love?

  8. u look so similar to freddy my love, i thought this was a second account

  9. The only thing i Want for Christmas, is That Josie would Write in the description box of all her videos what polish she is wearing. Serious nail envy!! And That one is SO pretty!! Dark brownie red❤️❤️

  10. Great video Josie! I wouldn't be surprised if a lot of people would go to Ikea 😉 and bloopers are always fun of course! Lots of love xx

  11. Great video – so relevant. Love the professionalism but also the bloopers 😀

  12. what's the giant brush you are using for bronzer?

  13. I so have this lighting problem in winters!!!!
    Will think about something like that! Thank you! xxx

  14. I LOVE the way you edit your videos ❤

  15. stila eye-shadow palette is really good:)

  16. Thanks, seems like a great tip!👌🏼

  17. I love how you pronounced the names of the IKEA products as sometimes they can be so hard to say 😂

  18. This lighting looks amazing, I'll definitely look into once my makeup setup is more complete. It's summer for me, but the summer storms have really been playing havoc with my lighting.

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