Thursday , February 25 2021
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This vlog includes a paid advertorial with MISSOMA jewellery

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What I’m Wearing:
Rollneck (similar) –
(US) Rollneck (similar) –
Puffer coat –​
(US) Puffer coat –
Fendi bag (similar) –
Gold hoops –
(US) Gold hoops –
Pink mock neck –
(US) Pink mock neck –
Double chain necklace –
(US) Double chain necklace –
Padlock pendant –
(US) Padlock pendant –

Missoma pieces:
Chubby mini hoops –
(US) Chubby mini hoops –
Chubby medium hoops –
(US) Chubby medium hoops –
Padlock pendant –
(US) Padlock pendant –
Coin choker –
(US) Coin choker –
Double chain necklace –
(US) Double chain necklace –
Horn necklace –
(US) Horn necklace –

Heart button cardigan –​
(US) Heart button cardigan –

Dyson Airwrap (currently out of stock online) –

Tom Ford Rose Prick EDP –​
(US) Tom Ford Rose Prick EDP –​

Laurent-Perrier Rosé –

Mirabeau Rose Gin –

Elemental Herbology Perfect Pair –

Eichholtz desk –

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  1. Oui l'air est pur et la nature réconforte notre âme, je parle en connaissance de cause où je passe mes moments de libre à la montagne. Quelle est cette belle musique à partir de 3:46, merci à vous. Quel travaiL également derrière toutes vos vidéos et votre sens de l'esthétique, je suis consciente.
    Yes the air is pure and nature comforts our soul, I speak knowingly where I spend my spare time in mountain. What is this beautiful music from 3:46, thank you. What a good job also behind all your videos and your aesthetic sense. Merci, chère Madame.

  2. I think people should stop commenting on the PDA in Josie's videos or comparing the level of affection between Josie and Charlie to other YouTube couples. I think every couple is different in the way they show love/affection and degree of PDA so I think it's quite rude and judgemental that in the comments of some many of Josie's videos people are questioning her relationship or the way they interact as a couple. YouTube viewers don't see every minute of their lives to know how they are when the camera is off, and it's THEIR business not the public's. I've watched Josie for years and am not a frequent commenter at all, but really felt the need to defend Josie and Charlie and ask other people "commenting" to consider if their comment is appropriate.

    It depends on the height in the sky and type of cloud, but mainly clouds can actually help keep the earth warmer by “bouncing” the heat from the clouds back to the ground. So, no clouds on a winters day means it’s going to be bright, beautiful, but bitterly cold.

  4. I never say wistishire lol I say it the way you brits say it… but then again I grew up with a grandfather who spoke British English so my English is a mixture of American and British English and I have a southern accent lol. You gotta love the differences in people, their accents, and the way they pronounce things.

  5. Josie I’m home with flu (and missing one of my best friends weddings this weekend). Needless to say not feeling the best (health wise or mentally) but I got so happy to see your vlog and I know it will get me through. Xxx

  6. Painting in cashmere, now that’s fancy.

  7. What’s the name of that oil / polish tour using again ?

  8. Josie, your music selections for this video are on point. Keep it up👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾

  9. Step 1: have beautiful body shape! I bought my mom a name necklace from last year. Amazing… She even cried when she saw the necklace.

  10. It's easier on your body to paint with a long handle attached to your roller, you can also reach much higher. Hope Charlies desk finds a nice home, it is beautiful but sometimes you just have to move on when the fit is not right.

  11. Don't Charlie's ears get cold….

  12. 🐼 Big Bear Hugs from a 67 yr old grandma in Kirby, Texas, USA 🐼..

  13. Another beautiful video! ❤️

  14. I love your videos Josie , and your country style is iconic, I can see other influencers being directly influenced by your life. So you are obviously doing the best out there, keep going and ignore any setbacks ❤️

  15. Josie you could buy long paint roller in the store like home depot

  16. Thank you for sharing your life. You are the only vlog I would ever watch and I look for it as a pick-me-up during these dreary days of COVID and grey winter. You and Charlie give me hope. Thank you. Thank you.

  17. Your views of your yard is lovely

  18. What a beautiful little village you walked through…. 😍…. you and Charlie are the most lovely genuine couple on you tube, and so lovely to see how much you grown together in your new home with your lovely babies dexter & dickens …. be blessed and looking forward to what your doing in garden and house this year… you have such lovely ideas 🥰xx

  19. Dexter & Dickens are simply adorable! Them little scarfs 😍

  20. Thanks as always needed it xx

  21. Love the puppy scarves❣️❣️

  22. Brown glass or plastic also deflects light better so products stay protected and don't change their composition. I notice lots of "clean beauty" brands use them. I love seeing your cotswolds shots.

  23. Hello Josie, thank you so much for show the stunning views of your village in the Cotswolds! Love see it!

  24. Josie, you are smily, elegant and so cute 🥰 Charlie is adorable 👍 the two boys are lovely with their new dog collars ❣️
    • The new office is very beautiful 👏 and it’s another opportunity to gather in the green room ✨Thanks Josie Jolie 💐 💕

  25. Every time I watch I automatically think of fairytales or outstanding movies, such as “Into The Woods,” whenever you went on your walk and that gorgeous archway was so picturesque for taking photographs, I was thinking of the history that it must carry. To be honest with you up here in New England we pronounce Worcestershire Sauce the same way you do, though it’s cute how you say we pronounce things. My ex was from Leeds and lived in Bradford, I found the lingo to be very easy to catch onto. The boys looked handsome in their handmade scarves. xx ❤️🌸

  26. Go Rosey those collars are Nice!!

  27. Awww it’s so lovely that some lovely person made these scarves, you are both loved and there’s lots of that needed in our world! I love that you uploads provoke such kindness and joy x 🎀💕😊

  28. Pls do a dyson hair tutorial. It’s sold out everywher 🙈

  29. Now your boys dictate fashion trends😍

  30. I wonder if the original builders of your house ever thought that such a beautiful couple would one day lovingly own and treasure it.

  31. Amazing time spent with you and Charlie and sweet two boys, thank you darling! Your design ideas always inspiring me for some renovation at home, thinking about wall panels now.. sending love! In Moscow -18'C today and aaall around in the snow, not typical for us.

  32. Awwww that was so nice of Rosie to send those beautiful scarves to the boys❤️. They looked so adorable in them and what talent Rosie!👏👏👏

  33. I love seeing footage of your walks through the countryside.

  34. I could just see you and Freddy launching a bottle of Mirabeau as a special edition ! Maybe a special edition Mirabeau perfume in a small similar bottle!

  35. NO! EEESH! I am in Worcester, MA at the moment, where I work…we call it "Wister" (but occasionally one will hear "Wistah, which is the Central Massachusetts accent)…Therefore, "Wistersheer" (or "Wistahsheah" is what the locals call the sauce. THAT SAID…most of the USA pronounces it wrong!!! We are always correcting…hahaha!

  36. Omg Dickens is so adorable at the end on the back of the sofa 😍x
    Looking forward to seeing new desk x

  37. Look at Charlie so gentleman and handsome

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