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Woman makes it onto plane without ID, boarding pass | ABC News

TSA officials said they screened the unnamed passenger at Orlando International Airport but did not provide further details.

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  1. And the woman still try to resist before she made her way out

  2. She did a damn good job sneaking into an airport security and even passed the gate into a plane. This I’ll fine the TSA security and the gated personnel failing to do their job.

  3. The only thing TSA is good for is wasting my time 😡😡

  4. That is why America hardly make any products is US. Are they sleeping on the jobs?

  5. I travel often and the amount of shit that gets through security is unreal. It’s different at every airport but I got through security in Chicago with a HALF FULL WATER BOTTLE. I didn’t even realize it was at the bottom of my backpack AND that I had made it through security with it until I got to my gate and sat down. It’s just interesting because filled water bottles are the standard thing to make sure and throw out prior to security.

  6. Always black people… cultural problem.

  7. Guess I won't be needing that REAL ID anymore. Lol😂

  8. She knows someone in TSA. Someone had to help her. If she was this confident, it's not the first time she's done it.

  9. Flying is such a pain in the ass nowadays; and too pricey …we gotta bring selling back!

  10. She might have gotten away with it if she just sat on the toilet. If the flight attendants or passengers knock on the bathroom door she could just say I have the toilet seat, I have the toilet seat.

  11. I was on a Delta flight a few years ago were there is a gentlemanwere at the gate who do not have his boarding pass nor did he have ID. What he did have was a letter stating that he was on parole. But this man was allowed to board the flight and was seated in first class. He then passed out before the flight took off and had to be rolled out off of the airplane in a wheelchair. I asked the gate agent why she was letting him in the flight. She told me she showed me in the TSA website that gate agents have the ability to board someone who does not have a boarding pass or ID if they have a credit card or some other form of identification. This is the state of our airport security. It's scary.

  12. How did that happen? TSA isn't doing it job!!!!! Wow!!!

  13. Oh wow. America is becoming a shitshow in everything. Politics, work and pay, healthcare, morality. Etc etc etc.

  14. Taser Taser Taser! Make a damn decision and get her off the plane already.

  15. Meh, shit happens, at least it wasnt a guy named Mohammed.

  16. Don't you need a boarding pass and ID upon the screening? She went through TSA without neither?🤔

  17. Bet it was a white woman, any other race would have got checked for everything .

  18. She's white that's how and it's Florida

  19. "Sneak level increased to 100" 😂😂

  20. We have answers…..
    We still don’t really know ….
    ? 🤦‍♀️🤷‍♀️

  21. Are people really complaining???? This happens with illegal aliens every day and they are allowed to stay!!!! Why was this woman stopped?? AOC get on this!! Maybe she should get free college or welfare!

  22. the whole reason for the tightened airport security is to watch out for islamic extremists after 911. When a middle aged black woman hides in a crowed, nobody is paying attention. The woman herself is obviously, not well in the head, and so she just went straight through without giving a fuck. No reason to give too much shit about this, just a mishap. Sometimes stupid shits happen in chains.

  23. No way…they always check

  24. TSA is a big JOKE!!!! Most of them are RUDE & DISRESPECTFUL. They act like somebody when they talk to you. Are this people in TSA graduated high school?

  25. Gate Agent: Are you my DeadHead?
    Woman: Yes

  26. Sounds like white freedom slippin passing security

  27. Wow way to go tsa thats what they get paid the big bucks for we are screwed😂

  28. Omg no boarding pass?? Lol we have all lost our minds

  29. I’m thinking that with a little investigating they will find that the woman and the gate agent and the TSA agents knew each other. And it’s not the first time. And there have been others.

  30. Wow and she wasn’t white! I’m shocked by this entire video

  31. If she can do it so can i !!!

  32. fake news to increase security and have you pay more.

  33. She's definitely done it before and gotten away.

  34. Because TSA are low educated low iq morons.

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