Woman mugged outside of a grocery store in California

A woman was mugged and dragged into the street after she left a grocery store in Oakland, California. Oakland police have not identified any suspects but they are still investigating. NBC News’ Jake Ward has the latest.

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  1. We need to keep these criminals in jails

  2. I find it strange when people who have zero chance at defending themselves will struggle so hard to prevent criminals from taking their purse/bag or other cases car (where I see people jump on the hood of their car). Even if you are lucky not to get killed, you could wind up getting seriously injured/ even paralyzed. It is NOT worth it.

  3. Carry a purse with tissue paper in it and possibly a picture of a middle finger up. And then put all yo monies in your pocket. When they go thru said stolen purse let them find a cursed chain letter. 🤣

  4. All this about hiring more police and 911 operators by the city is BS. It all starts at home if there are abusive parents or people in the home then those children will most likely be abusive and violent. Need more child protective services take the children out of the home first signs of abuse and place them in a home with someone who cares

  5. Here is the fun fact: college educated urban women generally vote blue, no matter who. Hard to have any sympathy for them🤡

  6. We call it getting Newsomed.

  7. What you people voted for

  8. Crimelifornia. Voten in defunded the police.

  9. Way to go governor. Ca is great

  10. Is this El Salvador or America? Pinch me.

  11. We have no faith because we voted to defund
    Stupid votes stupid policies

  12. This is happening nation wide. Meanwhile Biden is somewhere clipping his toenails.

  13. You guys did it go after Black Lives Matter they started defunding the police bowl and now we’re sitting here with a crime wave and everybody’s silent. Now you want to talk about how more police officers know you wanna talk about me and kept on crying you started this mess and now you live with it so sorry for the woman who was a victim of that crime she did not deserve that !!! but you state officials you should’ve been mugged cause you started this crap

  14. Those wild Africans are out of control and the mayor passing the Buck you have to love the hypocrisy

  15. Yet they keep voting for it……………

  16. Concealed weapon permit would solve that problem real fast. Or at least open carry. Let people decide what self defense measures are best for their specific needs. That woman will now need years of therapy when it may have been avoided if we empowered citizens to choose appropriate self defense. City of Oakland and State should pay for medical bills and more for their failure to provide safety throughout our community. Crime is one thing but it’s more than that given relaxed policy on crime prevention and prosecution. Essentially the State created a new job opportunity for all ill minded individuals. It’s simply not right!

  17. Crackheads are out of control, go rob a bank ,no a helpless lady.

  18. Ok you know it’s bad when the NAACP says you need more cops 😂😂😂

  19. The lucky ones have evidence

  20. It’s California. The cops gave the suspect a ride home and the DA made dinner.

  21. Psychology won't work with me hire police you'd like that

  22. Defunding police seems to help with the crime problem…Not.

  23. Bravo! This one of the all time best video I've seen. Thank you so much for uploading this video and that reminds me my coach is teaching any individual how to make consistent incomes and withdrawals from the foreign exchange markets.

  24. It's only going to get worse for citizens in California,
    now Democrats in California are thinking about letting immigrants have the right to vote.

  25. Our parks are campgrounds for homeless addicts. Our streets are dangerous land filthy. The tax base is leaving. And our leadership is WEAK. Now what??

  26. I've seen groups of gang bangers strolling around Lake Merritt marking their territory like feral dogs!!

  27. I would fight back and make sure to leave a mark and more!! I would've hopped in their car and drove off..

  28. Sorry folks I went to Oakland A year ago to visit my brother it was the worst experience of my life! The hotel I stayed in had crackheads in the elevator and I was ripped off the moment I left airport in route to the hotel. For that reason I will never ever go back to California and certainly never Oakland. Shame on the mayor I suppose. And the people that live there and put up with this s***

  29. How do you know this person is a 'woman' and the burglars are 'men'? Maybe this person is a non-binary that use they/them pronoun. How dare you…

  30. parents should mind their kids in their time off duty from break and entry.