Woman received an #Instagram message from #Nashville shooter before rampage

A former middle school basketball teammate received a message from the Nashville shooter saying something bad was going to happen before opening fire at a school.

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  1. Everyone should not have a gun wow multiple times we see crazy people who are killing people who are mentally ill and they should not be allowed to have a gun wow Everyone in Lansing Michigan spartan would agree we must not let mentally ill person have guns.

  2. Why aren’t all school gated with security guards and metal detectors? Especially after everything that has been going on for the past year? THEY DON’T CARE ABOUT OUR KIDS.

  3. Is it her mom fault, for letting her hide all those Guns? No her family didn't know what she was planning and they lived together. She had mental problems poor thing.

  4. USA! your country is geee whiz, 🤔 f@#ked. Shooting the innocent children, etc…. SICKENING!!

  5. Hashtags in the title. ffs, NBC. Let's keep going, huh?
    #tragic #notagain #shooter #violencetrends

  6. Does anybody actually have the text log? The media likes to sensationalize, but not reveal.

  7. 'Trans lives matter, or else!' We DiDnT KnOw ThIs WaS GuNnA HaPpEn!!!

  8. Imagine how many lives she saved…

  9. That bish had the power to do something and she didn't

  10. The 988 do nothing besides talk and sit and s*it around

  11. Maybe the school is actually badder

  12. Hi Tech. Gotta get on instagram to post a suicide. Too busy to make a phone call about it or heave forbid, write a note 🗒️

  13. I don't agree with the shooter at all, she falsely assumes fault of others, not the fact she can justify this carnage by blaming others

  14. They baker act a 6 year old in Florida for throwing a tantrum but they ignore this?

  15. wow looks like red flag laws don't work like we've always said!

  16. Why wouldn't you call police at that very moment???? ONE LITTLE GIRL WAS KILLED trying to pull the fire alarm and am greatfull that the police executed this POS at point blank range.

  17. TerrorTroons doing what Jane Fonda said to do…

  18. Lucky Star still looks good 😮😮😮

  19. Was in entirely necessary to put those hashtags in the title?

  20. So she wrote a MIDDLE SCHOOL TEAMMATE out of all people yea ok ……

  21. Such a shame that such innocent people had to lose their lives because of another reckless mass shooting by a trans.

  22. Had she contacted the police EARLIER lives would of been saved. No time for shock & beliefs spring into action as if YOUR LIFE DEPENDED ON It !!!! PEOPLE STOP FEELING BAD FOR THE EVIL !!!!!

  23. It was a anti Christian hate crime motivated by radical gender ideology.

  24. Suspects don't end up dead from cops returning fire.

  25. To be clear before people start placing blame on her. She was not made aware of the shooters intention beyond them wanting to commit suicide. The shooter did not say anything about committing gun violence. That’s why she called the suicide hotline first.

  26. Did she call her dad when she was looting during blm riots to see what size TV he wanted? Not the brightest tool she is. Bless Uganda for what they did to prevent the mess we have here with rainbows and letters.

  27. When is NBC say Mentally ill transgender killer?

  28. Duh you could of stopped this wtf

  29. It’s so crazy how similar this is to the uvalde shooter

  30. It’s a Hate crime! BAN IMMEDIATELY trans terrorist from hurting or killing children from the straight gender community and Christian community! No more transgender terrorists!!

  31. So now we know what a "woman" is? Garbage media who birthed mental illness as stunning and brave. A forked tongue has done well.

  32. Suspect? Criminal is more like it!!

  33. She asked if her dad thought she should say something to someone, then she called a non 911 number to reach the police. I am impressed! NOT!

  34. And she did nothing. Give her a metal?

  35. The girl did nothing. Here’s how you handle this. Go to the police station and show the text to a police officer and demand action.

    But that did not happen. Kids died. Cause you did not wanna get a alphabet person in trouble…..

  36. So let’s finish the story they never went out to check anything out. The lady knew the ladies name the shooters name where is the lift and nobody went out they should be held responsible.

  37. New Hampshire has some of loosest gun laws in this country, no permits, no registration, legal open carry of guns in public, no state restrictions on silencers or SBR/SBS's, and hasn't ever had a mass shooting (school or otherwise) How is that possible with tons of guns and no gun control? Maybe laws aren't the biggest factor in these events?

  38. Good for her! Thank you for communicate what you read.