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Woman tasered for refusing ticket | USA TODAY

65-year-old woman tasered, arrested for refusing to sign $80 ticket and fleeing officer.
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A 65-year-old Oklahoma woman was tasered and arrested after refusing to sign an $80 ticket for a broken tail light, fleeing and trying to kick him during her arrest.

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  1. YEAH BABY, PLAY GAMES WITH THE LAW GET ZAPPED!!! She absolutely got what she deserved!!

  2. Misleading title. She was acting like a spoiled brat and got what was coming.

  3. Anyone else get a boner when he pulled the trigger?

  4. She shoulda complied then she wouldnt have been thrown around like a sack of taters

  5. Personally, when the lady agreed to finally sign the ticket, even after giving the officer a difficult time previously, he should have let her sign the ticket so that they both could go one their marry way. The officer went too far by using his taser. At some point, especially in the heat of the moment, you need to protect the misjudgement that people make and let them correct themselves. The officer is at fault.

  6. He know her Car Numbers so He can send a Ticket + warning Ticket With to her Adress. I dont See eny reason why He act Like this

  7. no she was tasered for resisting arrest and kicking a cop in the balls.

  8. I see this and think how simple it would have been to simply accpet the ticket and deal with it. This video however is pure golden entertainment!

  9. Lucky for her she’s not black she’d be dead now

  10. This looks like excessive use of force I bet she could sue for millions the guy could have man handled her to get handcuffs on he didn't have to taze her

  11. -Your under arrest
    – no im not your full a shit

    …. i hav no words for some people in this world

  12. The side of the road is not the place to argue with cops sing the ticket and fight it in court

  13. A signature is required to show that the ticket was given and received and is required. Signing isn't an admission of guilt, just that the ticket was given and the court date was filed.

  14. im sorry but the title is bullshit , she wasn't tasered for refusing the ticket , she was tasered for one resisting arrest, two running from the cops putting others at risk , 3 continuing to refuse arrest after being pulled out and 4 kicking at the officer …she deserved what she got , shame on you USA today for using a clickbait title to get views

  15. This is the same type of lady who is entitled to scream at a 16 year old fast food worker for not having her order correct.

  16. Everyone knows you cannot outrun a police car wait a minute maybe you can if you try hard enough

  17. Wow! These beasts will taser a 65 year old woman for not signing a worthless piece of paper to get her $80…."Give me your Money" willfully or risk getting beat,tazed,jailed or at worst maimed or killed…Still think you live in a "Free Country?" Lol

  18. If I were that woman, I would do what the police tells me to do

  19. Liberal media loves to post this divisive nonsense. This “lady” got tasered for resisting arrest and she deserved it for being a prick. We have a court system moron.

  20. The cop have the right away Karma he said several times for her to sign the ticket, then he said several times for her to get out of the car, then she took off, then she still continue to refuse to get out of the car, then she started fighting with the cop, I see nothing wrong with what the cop did

  21. It doesn't matter the age she was going to get it anyway

  22. She didn't get tased for not signing a ticket. She got tased for refusing to comply with lawful orders, evading arrest, pursuit, and resisting arrest.

    Come on USA Today, get it right in the title.

  23. WTH is wrong with some of you people? It was a broken tail light!! She gets thrown to the ground and gets tased. It was completely mishandled…

  24. I'm a cheeky old woman.. You can not touch me. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  25. I would have just paid the $80 or went to court to fight it. Cops not the people you debate with that's the judges job. Yiu do what the cops say and fight it after the fact

  26. That woman is full of EGO
    I give the cop 2 thumbs up

    I would have approached from a different angle

  27. Simple, you do not get to TELL the police what YOU are not going to do

  28. How about the officer explaining that he would have to arrest her if she didn't sign the ticket. I bet his supervisors weren't happy with this. This ended amicably sort of. But this police officer is nuts. He escalated the issue. Again, tell her what happens if she doesn't sign the ticket. But this officer goes to immediately to "get out". I would bet this officer has been known to escalate situations in the past. What a waste of time and resources for one woman who didn't want to sign the ticket.

  29. She refused a lawful order, and then ran from the police. The tasing was justified, it doesn't matter how old she is.

  30. Look. I hate cops more than most Americans. But she was tasered for driving away, the resisting arrest and kicking the officer. The taser prevented him from resorting to strikes or arm bars that could break a bone.

  31. Make no mistake, Police have a power trip and control issue that gets ahead of reason oftentimes.

  32. This is the cop that gives ALL policemen a bad name, maybe karma will get back to him and we'll see him laying on side of road.

  33. I think the officer gave her plenty of opportunities. Some people just learn the hard way lol

  34. Is it against the law not to sign a ticket? I know it's not admission of guilt, I never sign a ticket and the cops were like "ok your choice, have a good day sir"… Me… "You to officer"…. Back to the incident at hand… Unfortunately the cop will probably lose his job and she will get paid as soon as the right lawyer watches this.

  35. That cop should be ashamed of himself for bullying/tazing an old lady… get your priorities right popo! It's just a taillight! I'm shocked and embarrassed that our "public safety" officers can get away with crap like that! Remember "serve and protect"?

  36. She deserved everything she got ! No-one is above the law and she found that out the hard way ! 'Country girl' or not ! 😅😅

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