Women Up To 40% More Likely To Report Sleep Difficulties Than Men: Study

Psychologist and behavioral sleep medicine author Dr. Jade Wu discusses tips for women experiencing sleep problems. #women #dream #dreamconsciousness #womenshistorymonth #abcnews #abcnlupdate

Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  1. It’s because they’re so psychologically fucked up they’re just doing it to get attention.

  2. I hate how women always had to be in the centre of attention😂

  3. They can't stop thinking about me

  4. It's because women whine more while men wake up and go to work.

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  6. Women are worriers. And they complain more than men.

  7. Democrats don't know what a WOMEN IS.

  8. The 7 million women who fled Ukraine are also more affected than the men who had to stay according to media

  9. Imagine having a 6 years longer life expectancy due to less work related stress, making up only 7% of workplace fatalities, 4% deaths due to war, 24% of suicides and homicides, 20% of the homeless, having people assume you are the victim when you initiated DV in the majority of cases, having laws that cannot identify you as a perpetrator of r ape, having a 40% higher adoption rate… and thinking you are oppressed

  10. Big queue in heaven I’m afraid