Workers have been ‘hurt’ by Biden’s policies: Steve Moore

Steve Moore discusses former President Trump’s criticism of President Biden’s EV push on ‘The Evening Edit.’

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  1. How's this, the whole freeken country has been hurt by "his" policies!!

  2. Hey i felt so bad for two young sparrows that hit the fan on my porch this week. Go figure! ) :

  3. Lol. The idiots leftists don't know anything about their own stupid b.s. climate change or about anything related how they spent hundreds of billions on few charges around cities?.. part of that money went to their bank accounts, as well the 200B cov19 to support loans from small businesses owners,, they only gave 37B in loans, the other 133B magically disappeared. All those communists crooks in this government are thieves and extortionist corrupted as their apparent boss.

  4. Was she speaking?😂 I couldn't see her mouth move

  5. the whole country has been devastated by biden's policies , and I can't figure why they just keep letting this moron go on .

  6. I dont think this will ever happen because the Republicans are going to vote against that

  7. EV's are a toy and a tax credit for the rich.

  8. I have Declared Biden the worst president in history…and im no spring chicken

  9. We don't need a monitor cuz because his do charging Stables and what an electric has no good that don't temperature gauge for like how many hours you can drive with gasoline charging Kaza obsolete wasn't a good idea bad that all and you won't see me driving electric car

  10. all we need is more trees not less duh the trees shade earth suck in carbon and spout out oxygen you see the idiocrosy of these idiots

  11. It's just More of the Liberal Hypocrite Ideology ! !

  12. Black Rock a huge farm land along the John Day River.

  13. You should check how much Oregon the government,blm,black Rock State Street and all the conservatory groups, nearly 90 percent almost no private ownership.

  14. Wake up Fox News. The union works great at UPS! Minimum wage does not keep up with inflation.

  15. "Bible Prophecy"
    "Daniel Chapter 8:23…America In "Prophecy"! Read it! You will Reckonize Just who the "Destroyer is!…Guess Who?

  16. Bittom line is the nutty left care nothing about the environment or facts – they're crazies!!

  17. You say misleading , I say lying

  18. All Joe Biden wants to do is put American people in debt!!! Buy electric cars and you can’t charge them!!! That’s a Way Joe Biden can use the American people’s money and waste it!!!! Obama needs to be removed from the White House!!!

  19. Wind farms…
    Where bible Revelation prophecy "the four winds of earth will cease…"

  20. No need to worry about birds being killed by windmills. My observations, while driving on I-127 in Michigan, are that the blades are usually motionless. The windmills are an artistic representation of environmentalist's folly.

  21. Folks, Biden is not the president.

    Workers are being hurt by another fake president who’s fulfilling his dream of changing America from the bottom up.

  22. The entire nation has been hurt by Biden's Insane policies


  24. This Men Brandon have one big damage in the Head. Look what he say, myn nothing coming for USA CITIZEN. ONLY UKRAINE ,CHINA WHY FOR MONEY STAND UP BEVOR WE GO DOWN WITH THE TITANIC

  25. Biden has killed Americans workers if all the so called electric cars China will have more jobs and Biden and hunter more money America can’t supply power to homes now they think they can add a hundred million electric cars 😂😂

  26. Slowly, they're seeing the failures of Brandon, the UAW, 150k members are
    voting to strike, so
    Whatever sleazy says
    are lies.

  27. Windmills are called bird blenders


  29. Biden barry Obama crime family cartels 🎉

  30. My question to you is. How is your wallet doing. Biden did that.

  31. The whole world has been hurt by Biden.

  32. I got an alert from my electricity provider asking me to reduce usage because the wind farms were not producing as planned.

  33. Secretary Granholm, like John Kerry, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, and the Biden family all have investments in solar energy, and car battery companies, and wind farms.

  34. Yeah but these UAW people want a 40% raise. The car companies should go south and build plants where they don't have to hire union workers. This is where all the foreign car companies are building their plants (BMW, Toyota, Honda, Hyundai).

  35. I know that in Houston ,we lost are construction work . So many from open borders in Houston now . not much work for Americans .