Workplace violence behind Half Moon Bay shooting: Police

Seven people have been shot and a man is in custody following another mass shooting in Half Moon Bay, California. READ MORE: WATCH THE FULL EPISODES OF WORLD NEWS TONIGHT: WATCH THE WORLD NEWS TONIGHT ON HULU: https:/ / 3iQLwPp #worldnewstonight #abcnews #california #halfmoonbay #shots

Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  1. Look the way police take this old man down a disgraceful the man was treated bad on the job the employer should be in jail for murder

  2. Is shooting the national sport of the United States?

  3. What's the deal with the Asian guys killing people all the sudden

  4. Better to learn the signs of those with chronic violent tendencies. If the Half Moon Bay shooter had a previous legal injunction against him, why wasn't gun background check program flagged?

  5. So the cop is stating, he simply went 'Postal'. As if basic workplace type violence is ordinary!

  6. Deputies did not take down the suspect. He obviously drove himself to the sheriffs office to surrender!

  7. Time to roll out the excuses ALREADY?? Hmm… I wonder why. Maybe AsianLivesMatter can tell me.

  8. He had enough ! …. Now we the people will care for him indefinletly …

  9. This is what you get when you have weak men emotional foolish stupid little b**** that people you're making other people pay the price for your political correctness the the woke Community is talking about how we need to ban the Second Amendment how we need to ban masculinity in California where they're trying to do a lot of this this world isn't happening you had an emotional man that couldn't keep his emotions in check because he probably listen to all of you and 11 people paid the price you want to be politically correct but you won't learn you never do keep in mind this didn't happen in Florida or Alabama it happened in California the darling of the woke

  10. The police know who the dangerous people are, but they are connected with the criminals on that street of the hotel, dangerous people parked, they have to put more security in that park on the bridge on Frucvale street

  11. Guns make it that much easier to settle on a dispute.

  12. My question is how was the news channel on scene right at the the time of this????

  13. –I Gota An Idea – Want 2 Stop The US Dom Shootings -?? I KNOW START Taking Guns Away From ILLEGALS & Foreigners -Oh Silly Me All The Gun Control – Making People Felons Who Legally Own Guns – Illegal – Unconstitutional Laws – Seizures R ONLY 4 Citizens –

  14. This is so aweful. We need more light now than ever

  15. Legally purchased gun despite having 2 restraining orders? That’s a little surprising. Poor victims… they went out to celebrate only to be traumatized and/or killed. I genuinely hope there will be no more instances as one is already too much regardless where it happens.

  16. Are you less dead if killed by a coworker? Is it less a crime?
    Are we to less outraged because race was not the motive?
    No police involved so no riots
    Funny how a media that says race and color don't matter base culpability for every crime based on race and color

  17. Ridiculous. I can no longer defend gun laws. We can't keep going through this

  18. These mass shootings are being setup by some radical group!

  19. Why do u allow guns in the country? And the guy purchased the gun legally 😢 the logic would be to get rid of all the guns

  20. American jobs environment is pretty toxic though

  21. David, can you talk about the case of Hillary Clinton and Genaro Garcia Luna, please

  22. These gun laws are working well in crapafornia I see 🤔

  23. Take him back to china and let them deal with him

  24. It’s not a Hate crime when the criminal looks like you?

  25. Being bullied at workplace, some keeps silent and grow cold hearted, some gets cancer, some picks up the "bully", vents out and throw it back…

  26. Liberals were hoping the shooter was white

  27. Just gona glaze over the fact this happened at a drug farm. Just won’t talk about that? Hmmm or all the police reports on him? Or how and why he still had a gun in California with all their laws and rules. Hmmm

  28. Some people be acting out violently when they're unhappy with something. Geez. If you're unhappy in the workplace, quit. If you're unhappy with your spouse, leave. If you're unhappy with your life, improve it. Don't need to be murdering others for your unhappiness.

  29. I really don’t think this was a “common workplace dispute“ 😮😅 ???

  30. As a former Californian it’s so frustrating to know that the vast majority of the state supports common sense gun safety laws but because of Second Amendment extremists they have to deal with this absolute slaughter

  31. Chinese? Viet? Dead? IDC and I'm as Asian too.

  32. Some Taiwan vs China in US soil not this one that we know but been some of that between those 2

  33. A lot of violence is happening over the last couple of years, say what you want, studies are slowly coming out but not in America about neurological changes in people who have gotten the vaxx,

  34. he had 2 restraining orders and still got a firearm/?

  35. the dude should grow some Koi and chill at that age

  36. 1:40 "This was simply a workplace dispute." Yeah just an ordinary event. With seven deaths.