Monday , October 26 2020
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World Athletics to ban Nike shoe that gives runners 'unfair' advantage: Report

Fox Business’ Deirdre Bolton reports on the World Athletics organization banning Nike’s Vaporfly shoe, claiming that it gives runners an unfair advantage.

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  1. Good…now ban trans women from women's sports.

  2. How dare a company make awesome shoe lol.

  3. Why not support these innovations so that it encourages r&d and advances in "equipment"?!! After all those shoes are available in stores and other runners could have bought one.
    What harm would it cause if an engine manufacturer constantly strives to make their engine more fuel efficient than others?

  4. I wouldn’t buy anything that they make

  5. Looks like something a hairlip would wear

  6. How about letting the children of the Nike sweat shops wear them and get outside to do some running of their own……

  7. Yeah just like Serena Williams won many tennis tournaments because of a superior trainer, better work out, food and her build. Yeah right… but no body cares she was born male. Fuc' da shoe….

  8. ► well, nike stock went up ◄

  9. Man, Those Asian children are getting really good at making shoes!!!! Maybe we're talking about the wrong thing here.

  10. I think it has more to do with money. Every runner will want them, no other brand. The ban is to stop Nike from cornering the market. Sponsorship will suffer if every runner wants that shoe. Let everyone catch up first and then lift ban. Shoes companies own track and field.

  11. 0:38 (the advent of metal tennis rackets)
    I resemble that remark!
    But I do not recall any "scandal" or controversy involving metal tennis rackets. I think Jimmy Connors was the first to start using one, the Wilson T2000. No controversy when they switched to carbon fiber either.

  12. You are better off without shoe

  13. So. Let’s shorten the long legs on runners who win races due to inches ahead with their lovely long legs?
    Hey!!! This is modern times and soles of shoes made of a composite is not cheating. Egad!!
    I say “Do what can be done and leave the rest to endurance and fate.” The latter two aren’t goin’ anywhere!!

  14. There are way better reasons to ban nike

  15. Crapaknicki sponsored, should ban all nike!$

  16. Oh not fair well so make everyone run bare footed.

  17. I banned Nike from my life a long long time ago.

  18. Why ban them there's no reason the other runners can't wear them. It's only unfair if not everyone has three opertunity to use them.

  19. Why don't they work on banning transgender men from competing against women? That's an actual unfair advantage.

  20. Made by slave labour. Should be outlawed.

  21. I'm starting to doubt the women that won was actually a woman in the first place..
    Society going full clown mode these days

  22. Just think of all those kids in China hopefully they were just Muslims in the sweatshops making them shoes

  23. I think everybody should stop buying Nike bunch of sweatshop owners an American and they support calling I can't stand up Kaepernick is the biggest f**** hypocrite out there

  24. I’ve already banned Nike for paying colon crapperdick. This is delicious how the left eats it’s own.

  25. Great now sneaker heads are ganna say that shoe is worth 5000$ and they will pay it because of demand and hype .

  26. These shoes available to all, right? What's unfair?

  27. Supply every participant with a pair jack them up on steroids and let's see just how good they can get.

  28. They need to ban sellout Nike all together, they support communist dollars and are willing to sell out American values for it.

  29. Coming next they will be banning clothing that cuts wind drag. lol And yes their are sports clothing that does cut down on wind drag.

  30. It's cool for a man to break women's records but he better not be wearing that shoe when he does it? Screw Nike anyway.

  31. Boycott Nike for many reasons

  32. Make them run barefoot! Hahahaha

  33. So Nike, how's that Kaepernick thing working out for you now? Karma I'd say. Lost me as a customer ……

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