Sunday , January 23 2022
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World tensely watches China as protests erupt in Hong Kong

Former State Department official Christian Whiton gives his take on the massive protests in Hong Kong.

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  1. S embassy personnel better ensure that have robust helicopter pads on their rooftop. They will soon be kicked out by the Hong Konger with their tails in between as they did in Saigon 1976.

  2. Hey! Hong Kong people. Please stop hating Chinese! China is beautiful and Chinese is GOOD!

  3. Hong Kong has balls. Go get em stop the filthy Chinese from gripping their democracy

  4. HK collapse has no impact to any country. They're damaging their own economy. Well done by these rioters. Infact china esp Shenzhen, Shanghai, Beijing, Nansha will benefit from it most without having china having to do anything. Their actions will turn Shanghai and Shenzhen to be the financial hub for the region. HK is doom forever and won't be the same after this riot. Enough is enough.

  5. Whoever killed dozens of muricans few days ago, good job!

  6. China could potentially do in Hong Kong what it did in Tibet.

    China could encourage and support (with special incentives and programs) a massive migration of Chinese from other parts of mainland China to Hong Kong.
    China has the population size to do this.
    Such a move would reduce the current population of Hong Kong to a minority status, with the new arrivals becoming the majority and suppressing or even intimidating the new minority into ending protests as a means of expressing discontent.

    Many Chinese from other parts of mainland China are more interested in making money than protesting to support democracy.
    It is the sad truth.

  7. Allied Forces should divide Hong Kong just like North Korea vs South Korea

  8. Hongkong is a battleground for China and US.

  9. Invasion of PLA? WTF! China invade China?

  10. vote with your money. bitcoin. @75×4

  11. Chinese military can stop the protesers

  12. China's ruler for life will shut it down. The govt is trying to be reasonable. Martial law will settle things down.

  13. This is why we have the 2nd amendment…

  14. If the people of HK decide to emigrate, Twin Cities MN needs some really good Cantonese restaurants and dim sums places.

  15. Hong Kong has had a taste of freedom. They don't want repression.

  16. Don’t worry the coming recession in USA will be worse

  17. 一群废青,老子都看到这群贱屌贴八国联军国旗了,总有把他们关教育营的一天!

  18. Peaceful protest by Hong Kong wish the African american community would watch this instead of destroying neighborhoods

  19. invade Hong Kong ?! Hong Kong ispart of China. how do you invade your own contry???

  20. If people were smart, they can protest in USA like this.

  21. poor people always try to fight on street,

    because they have nothing to lose,

    how come hong kong gets poor

  22. Good I hope everyone starves. The wrath of God is upon all of you traders, gready mother f ers. The white man has been the biggest trader of all. Thank God Trump has some sense.

  23. I like how many Americans get involved with countries like china, pretending as if they care and have any idea of why Hong Kong is acting the way it is. I also have no idea but I would rather have a peaceful country than protesters

  24. We are Hong Kong we support the police

  25. Free Hongkong…. free Taiwan…. China is a bully….

    Hongkong does not belong to China, Britain nor U.S… Hongkong belongs to the people of Hongkong…. the Hongkongers….therefore, Hongkong should be an independent country..

  26. We should never have free and open trade with China until their people are also free and open to the world.

  27. Why watch China? They got nothing to do with us. Some of us are just happy that they have finally put on a spectacular show as we haven't seen a good show in a long time from Hongkong since the fall of Hongkong's entertainment industry. I just hope there is gonna be a season 2 and many many seasons to come. After all, the we only keep Hongkong to keep us entertained are we not.

  28. hope it won't be like syria.come to think of it,you are getting more violent and that makes hk government weaker and for that you are giving china easier and faster way to take over hk.hope u can find a peaceful way to solve the issue and at the same time you are supporting the govt.

  29. Careful, remember Tiananmen Square. Stay smart hk


    Hong Kong is a safe place, protected by the law. People are demonstrating because the government tries to pass a law of China extradition. Which means you can get arrested in Hong Kong by China even if you've never physically stepped foot in China. China recently sentenced someone 10-year jail just because she uploaded some homosexual comics, not to mention thousands of mysteriously disappearing persons who've said things the Chinese government disliked.

    I don't care whether you are American, British or whatever.Hong Kongers are doing this for YOUR, and OUR future safety by upholding their legal firewall against China.

    Ever since the British's lease of Hong Kong as her colony ended in 1997 it's been returned to China, under the full name of "Hong Kong special administrative region". As the name suggests, Hong Kong is a unique place as it follows the model of a typical western societies, i.e. separation of legislature, executive and judiciary powers. This is obviously very much unlike China, of which everybody knows that the 3 powers are pretty much muddled together so that the government can basically do whatever it wants, and where the press is more like a propaganda tool instead of a public informant.

    The Chinese have their own law. Hong Kong uses the Basic Law, which was mutually agreed amongst the British and Chinese in 1984. The problem is, these laws can be amended and the Chinese have the ultimate authority to interpret the law in their way when there are disputes. So while the Basic Law protects Hong Kongers from human rights violations, it is still not bullet proof, as seen in what leads to today's demonstration.

    Hong Kongers run things very differently. They speak Cantonese and the Chinese speak Mandarin, they use traditional Chinese characters while the Chinese use simplified, they are FAR more exposed to western culture while the Chinese censor things. Hong Kongers have unfiltered internet, freedom of speech, freedom of religion, different currencies …

    So politically, socially and culturally Hong Kongers are very different, even polarised, despite looking quite similar in foreigners' eyes.

  31. China will employ millions and millions of people just to control everything around the world because soon even MEXICO, Australia, Canada, Japan, Vietnam, Taiwan, Russia, Africa continent, Argentina, Malaysia,Thailand, Spain, Greece,Germany, GRELANNDIA, Chile, Panama,Turkey, VENEZUELA, Tibet,Xinjiang,north Korea ,Bolivia, Portugal, ITALY, Norway, Nicaragua, Myanmar, Pakistan,Cambodia, Egypt,Philippines, new Zealand, Europe 100%,JAMAICA, etc. etc. they are going to be against China practices and all over the world including USA and the moon are going to do want Hong Kong is doing but many countries will use every single ARMS TO GET RID OF COMMUNISM CHINA NIGHTMARE THAT WE'RE LIVING.

  32. China can steal anything lands, oceans, intellectual PROPERTY value at trillions and trillions of dollars and no one person or country can stop them.

  33. China is trying to tell the whole world that they are invincible on everything and that the future FOR HUMANITY is China

  34. Ths democracy/independency movement has nothing to do with the trade war.

  35. Trump called it Riots lol. HKer will pay for this eventually. It's suicidal. Bunch of cowards why don't you charge in PLA military base?There will be severe consequence aftermath for those losers thugs.

  36. 香港人应该明白,你们面对的是中共邪教,对付邪教别带有一丝幻想,只有拿起枪,不择手段的反抗才能达到目的!中国老百姓从来不相信中共邪教,只是共军有枪

  37. 希望美国断绝中共的资金来源,别和邪教政府做生意!

  38. 希望民主国家助力香港,协助中国大陆民众共同推翻中共邪教

  39. You know China is in big trouble when its Chinese citizens are waiving the American flag and throwing the Chinese flag into the harbor.

  40. At 1st I thought they were all walking to See the New 13 Billion $$$ Airport

  41. Stupid Hong Kong people's doesn't know what they're doing. I am from hk and I am not support them. Hong Kong is part of China not UK

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