Monday , November 29 2021
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Worldwide Pleas To Save The Amazon As Fires Decimate Rainforest | NBC Nightly News

A NASA scientist tells NBC’s Anne Thompson that nearly all the fires its satellites see in Brazil were started by people trying to make room for crops and cattle. A conservationist who was at a fire on the Brazil-Peru border said the blazes have been devastating for wildlife in the forest.
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Worldwide Pleas To Save The Amazon Ss Fires Decimate Rainforest | NBC Nightly News


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  1. Illegal loggers rip off the big bucks, and then the ranchers clear, burn, deplete the soil and only to move on to repeat the process. The soil in the Amazon tropical rainforest is the poorest and most infertile in the world. If one cuts down the forest, it is irretrievably lost. The humus layer is all too soon washed out. Hence, the destruction of the Amazon will have been exponentially evil.
    “What If We Cleared the Amazon?”
    (8 minutes):‬
    “Amazon Tropical Forest ‘Dieback’ As Hydrological Cycle Disrupted”
    Amazon Forest Dieback Scenario

    The Congo is also on fire do your job. Useless trash

  3. Where's all the big mouth entertainers, Oprah, Clooney, Sting, Maher and the list goes on….where is the Save the Amazon Aid concert? The only one who has stepped up is Leonardo DiCaprio. Where are all the rest of you blow hards? 😤

  4. Very sorry to see the Amazon Forest situation in Brazil. It was really affected the wildlife, Indigenous people and the world in general. But the irony of the world leaders particularly the Developed countries is that they concerned about protecting the environment in Brazil but not in their own countries. The developed countries were prosperous by using the resources for their countries and hoping the tropical countries not to use the same for the benefit of the world (Climate change). Let us also plant trees in our own country as well and contribute our share to the world for a healthy environment.

  5. Our pray could help but helping each other to save Amazon would be a big help so help each other to save Amazon it's our fault why did the Amazon is on fire because of climate change our ozone layer is slowly depleting because of of smoke coming from factory,vehicle etc avoid using to much smoke and save mother nature so we could live longer

  6. after they burn their country to the ground and become very poor America should have our border wide open for the idiots.BWAAAHAHAHAHA.

  7. Who would nickname their University after the penitentiary?

  8. It is sad thing to know for a kid like me, and cannot do nothing

  9. I honestly have no idea how this is corporate companies, the media's lack of attention, and the people's fault. I don't see how I (a person living in California) can prevent this. It sounds like a job I cannot do. Please educate me.

  10. Trump suggest using H-BOMBS to put out the fires.

  11. Save our planet. Save our rainforests. This is so upsetting

  12. We can save amazon, So make rain clouds

  13. The elite don't care about the consequences of a planetary collapse bc they don't intend to stay here. They are literally poisoning our food, water and air supply and most people won't even consider that chem trails are real?!? It's laughable yet not funny. Not everyone who questions the status quo is a crazy conspiracy theorist. Form your own opinion but at least understand the facts behind why you feel that way. Do your own research, check patent filings, look at unclassified gov documents, pull the latest med research. It's all right there for you to see if you'll only open your eyes to the possibility that we've all been lied to & lead astray like animals to slaughter. Like it or not, there is "a new Earth" in process if not already thriving. Life always imitates the movies & it's time to re-think The Matrix, The Martian, Interstellar, Elysium. It's all right there for us to see, hiding in plain site.

  14. Lol, these are man-made fires you twits. It has nothing to do with global warming.

  15. Somebody reading this comment please shoutout my vlog, subscribe, like my videos

  16. So i have a really bad phobia of space, and the planet dying. I heard that we only have 18 months left until it is irreversible. I am really scared. Can you guys say positive things about this for me? Im terrified that i could cry.

  17. China’s gonna have a hard time breathing…. 😂

  18. Am I basically witnessing the end of the world

  19. Good bye beautiful planet 🌏😪 the native elders told us to take care of you ,but they wouldn't listen . My amazonian ancestors are in tears over the death of our mother.😪 Humans are not worthy of this place.

  20. I'm moving to Greenland.

  21. Mad Max future may not be that far away. 😔

  22. Amazon all human propperty

  23. honestly the Amazon is something we need to protect. We have more or less destroyed what we have. Between the Amazon and the artic. Some don't care about our planet going forward only about the money. We ALL need to do better just saying ..

  24. How much is burning? 1%? 5%? 10%? What is the record rate? Why is this not shared except in the title? Have these types of fires happened before? Are fires in Russia and Alaska the norm or not? Are they also manmade or is there no link between the two except to sensationalize? As usual, basic questions not answered by NBC but oodles of emotional footage and a superficial summary is offered. Learn BASIC REPORTING please!! This is why public distrust continues to increase as viewership decreases. Meanwhile, China is about to invade Hong Kong and you scarcely cover it except to gloss over about the clashes with police while continuing to report three stories a day about Trump. Stop this juvenile silliness please and GIVE US FACTS and, huh, also VARIED OPINIONS. Thank you, NBC.

  25. We need to assassinate the president of Brazil!!!! The earth is literally in jeopardy

  26. It should be mandatory for everyone to help

  27. Boycott everything made in Brazil.

  28. Thumbs down? Heartless people want this world destroyed why would you want that look at our beautiful world what are you thinking where is your heart???

  29. This is why developing countries shouldnt any land that is important

  30. Hey September 1 bring your water guns to the Amazon rain forest


  31. There is no proof people started this, it could of been started by lightening strikes like most forest fires start.

  32. This was probably caused by lightening strikes!!

  33. Very Sad what the Authorities are doing million dollars recious Herbs and Shurbs are burning immideatly take the action other wise it will bring more disasters on the other parts of the USA it's an order

  34. One day some worldwide famine or disease or series of natural disasters will throw what's left of human population back into the dark ages

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