Sunday , September 27 2020
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Would Boeing benefit from rebranding the 737 Max?

Founder of Airline Weekly and aviation journalist Seth Kaplan discusses the many issues facing the Boeing 737 MAX and whether a rebranding would help the situation.

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  1. 0:10 Fox is like Boing – releasing things prematurely without sufficient quality checks. It's spelled "History" Fox… smh

  2. Next issue.Fuel how longer will we have cheap enough fuel…

  3. Any talk about the class action lawsuit by the pilots? 🤐

  4. So let’s blame it on the name not the engineering and greed

  5. Let’s Call it 737 mad max.

  6. I will not trust Boeing ever again they do not deserve are trust even now they think by just changing the name fixes the problem what idiots they are.

  7. New Name Max It and Crash It.

  8. Call it the 737 crash fly by wire or call it I don't won't to crash on that piece of crap !

  9. Horrible design to begin with, it's the plane!

    Plane and Simple!

  10. And whose fault is thig? Well…………..Congress should take responsibility for accepting money from lobbyists. PERIOD.

  11. the world would benefit from them being retired lol

  12. FFS the public aren’t that stupid.

  13. Re-branding is akin to lying.
    Get rid of the plane and build a new one correctly.

  14. Dumbest idea ever. No matter how much you polish a turd, it is still a turd. Boeing destroyed it reputation with the MAX and its failures are institutional. Forget changing the name, everyone will know that this turd is a renamed MAX. It's just like Fox so called news, it is the Trump propaganda and re-election channel that exclusively works for Trump and the hate filled right wingers. Calling it news does not make it news when it is entirely Trump propaganda. The MAX will be the last 737 model Boeing makes. The 737 lineup should be killed at this point. This is the only way that Boeing can show that it is serious about regaining the passenger's trust.

  15. Unblock now u brackthelawstillllllhuhafterubeingsuid

  16. I would not step foot on any 737 max no matter what they call the plane

  17. Best and right thing to do is put the engine back in its original place or make a smaller yet more efficient engine to replace the big engine which will not change the natural characteristics of the plane.
    Putting more sensors will not save this plane because sensors fail for different reasons.
    I will never fly on any of these planes. Boeing should take a loss on this one and call it a day.

  18. That's like putting a Band-Aid on a broken leg for Christ sakes!!! 😜

  19. They could have a sale. Maximum risk for minimum price.

  20. Most tickets are nonrefundable. You need to find out the equipment before buying the ticket.

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