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Wrestler Born Without Legs Inspires With Persistence And Grit | NBC Nightly News

Zion Clark was born with a rare birth defect, causing his lower body not to develop. The 21-year-old’s persistence and strength led him to become a champion wrestler, and a recent viral video captured his remarkable slam dunk.
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Wrestler Born Without Legs Inspires With Persistence And Grit | NBC Nightly News


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  1. Good for you man! Still, it's hard not to feel bad for the people you wrestle. He peobably wrestles at 125 but with the build of a 184. And its impossible to shoot on him or duck or drag

  2. Wow … it bad enough to have the birth defect .. but then foster care too???? Wow … that is a lot to be soooo angry about. But when you see an attitude like this beautiful young man … it’s really makes it shameful when we complain and have soooo much to be thankful for!!! God bless his last foster mother….. what an awesome gift! I am so touched by this mans beautiful spirit…. wow!!!!!

  3. Exo legs, ready for deployment. May God bless.

  4. Inspiring outdoor love to meet him

  5. One amazing young man. God be on his side because he's going places.🙏☺️💛

  6. What a Actuual honest good story from msmbc. The propanga staion

  7. What? this guys from my hometown? .. probably knows my family … Zion , you are quite an inspiration …strong n smart ..your mom is wonderful too !!!

  8. Really inspiring & touching.

  9. My guy's pushup game gotta be insane. Look at those arms.

  10. Zion Clack 🏋️‍♂️ Reminds ME Of Geodude 💪 From Pokemon ( Gotta Catch em All, POKEMON! )

  11. Zion means high point/higher level thats where this young handsome man is!. He has gone through trials that made him what he is today positive, goal oriented and no longer that angry child, thanks to his beautiful loving Mama!! Inspirational…he needs to talk to our young teens n midschool n high school to lift them up, so much suicide n gaming that can not b good for our younger generation to excell n life. I am looking forward to seeing u n the Olympics Zion!!👍💪🇺🇸

  12. Zion is such an inspirational, handsome young man. Thank goodness Miss Kimberly came along.

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