Wednesday , December 8 2021
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  1. that kid didnt look over 20

  2. You can't blame the jury. It was the cops and the corrupt prosecutes that basically withheld evidence at his mans trial by not investigating. It was too bad his friends did not take the initiative and basically stormed the courtroom demanding to be heard. Yeah, they may have gotten in some trouble but they would have to be heard and that man might not have spent 20 years in prison and the corrupt cops, DA and prosecutors might just have had to answer for their covering up evidence.

  3. So what does he get for being in all those years of jail being a innocent man ?

  4. Lock up an innocent man for a crime he didn't commit, how do these people sleep at night?

  5. Imagine how many people never had the chance for exoneration..

  6. Ok what about the money though???

  7. They got a conviction, yes his the wrong guy but hey they GOT a conviction!!!!

  8. Much respect on not giving up and insisting on the truth you knew all along 👍

  9. They should throw that first judge, the witnesses, and the cops in prison for 20 years. Or more.

  10. TWO YEARS LATER! thanks, Lester holt.

  11. Lester Holt you piece of trash, hosting the debates…yeah we seen what you did with Hillary! Media are gold diggers they will say anything for a paycheck, just keep reading that script won't ya!

  12. More Exposure. What do you know? THIS MAN IS A KING.
    He wants the Victim's Family to have Closure.

    May YOU, your FAMILY and your Supportive Team and Be BLESSED.

  13. Pretty sure Jorge is pronounced (Hor-hay) there Lester. Maybe I shouldn't assume.

  14. he is smart and i am sure lawyers will want to help him get a lot of money for wrongful imprisonment

  15. what most people don't know is when you are on a jury, that is you're third vote,if you don't agree with the law then you can find that person not guilty. now here's the problem its the judges institutions to the jury. The judge tells the jury the law and says if you find that a person broke the law you must find that person guilty, they learned this during prohibition, cause every one was found not guilty. get it

  16. Justice is the minds of human beings, not the the systems!

  17. If my ol' lady looked like any of them sorts who picked him up from the point I too would that I be retained for life as well and without visitation. Jail for this guy is a blessing in disguise

  18. Give this man a fat check of much more than the amount of money he would of made if he was free, because time lost away from his family is priceless. If you don't give him a fat check you did not honor him. Pathetic system and government.

  19. for every one of these stories you hear there are thousands that go unheard. Too many Police departments and DA's are extremely dishonest people and the problem is no accountability.

  20. he is just lucky he didn't have evidence against the Clinton's while he was in that prison cell!! …I hope you get a conviction against the false witness and corrupt officials

  21. $20 Million would be a good start.

  22. The way your shoulders dropped a bit, remembering your bad day……I feel for you. May God bless you with more that you can ever imagine. No one deserves that if they are innocent.

  23. This is once again proof that it’s not the court the conviction to the police get to convict you just buy their attitude we see you did it that’s it no investigation no consideration of the evidence and fat lying corrupt judges sitting there listening only to the police and stupid jury people thinking that the police and the prosecutor or somehow beyond question this is terrible and what about his own defense attorney didn’t he do the research why didn’t he bring these witnesses forward all that’s right he was court-appointed and probably a buddy with the police department and the prosecutor

  24. Not only that, the government should make a public apology so that the people will know that the accused was a good human being.

  25. wait, he was in jail 20 years….but he has a wife ( Young ) and kids….the kids look like 7 or 8 years old ???

  26. I am low key tired of America

  27. I feel so bad for this man. I cried when he cried. He needs to be compensated, BIG TIME!

  28. so who did it thats what we all wont to find out…

  29. Sorry for what you had been through and all those life's missed memories..but Sir, take each day, from here on out and heal! Catch up on family time, make new memories and live large! I wish you the best!

  30. He should have gave the numbers and names of his people to his lawyer and not the cops who were prosecuting him.

  31. the careers of incompetent prosecutors and cops are way more important than justice, apparently

  32. "Well, gosh, maybe there's justice after all!!!!!" Said the dolt who thinks that 1 exonerated victim out of thousands of victims of the U.S. 'justice system' means capitalism can be tweaked to work.

  33. They just want convictions. Some people are not mentally fit enough to be in prison and to be sent wrongfully is one of the biggest fails of our country.

  34. If your a judge wrongfully imprisoning innocent people. Your minimum sentence should be the time you handed out. I bet that would fix some of the "misunderstandings."

  35. Another travesty of our broken justice system. Lazy detectives and police who wanted to just close the case. 🤦‍♂️

  36. In the UK this is called gettin' fitted up. Been happening since courtrooms were invented.

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