WTC Final: Will India miss R Ashwin? Should Kishan have played ahead of Bharat?

Sanjay Manjrekar and Brad Haddin on India’s team selection

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  1. Indian team management decided to omit the number one ranked test bowler for the the 2021-2023 test championship cycle for the finals of the Test championship will forever haunt me. makes no logic. Ashwin should have been in for Umesh.
    So what you are telling future generation of spinners is that even if you work hard and be the number one bowler we will drop you for the most important match of your life.

  2. Indians are always looking for excuses. Any time an Indian player gets dropped they automatically become the best player in history 😂

  3. Most of the time we were disappointed in 90s when sanjay majarekar got selected in indian squad for no reason…😮😮😮

  4. May be the team management thought that lets surprise the Aussies. They would think we will play Ashwin. (Which is the logical solution)

  5. I thought RS is better than VK in captaincy. Proved wrong. Ashwin would’ve taken out Travis head easily….. stump to stump line was missing today…. Aus winning it

  6. aus jitega confirm ha bad team selection by india kishan ashwin hone chahiye the

  7. They needed Ashwin to qualify for the WTC finals but they won't play him in the finals. He has the best average among top wicket takers in the WTC 2021-23 series. Team management continue to sideline him for overseas test matches/series assuming he won't deliver.

  8. Crazy stupid mo fuers selection mistake has handed the WTC to the Aussies

  9. irrespective of the pitch ashwin shud hav played ahead of one of the fast bowlers. indian r not fit to bowl 90 overs only spinners r strength. imagine what ashwin might b goin through after day 1. so sad for him.he shud b around jus for his knowledge. he s gem would have tried 100 varieties atleasy to break the partnership where umesh s a dump ass who simply run hard and throw the ball to bat

  10. aa if indian fast bowlers are as good as aus or eng bowlers they left ashwin out for which they will loose by an innings the wtc dot

  11. Its a very very very stupid brain less decision not to play aswin and India might have to pay a heavy price for it.

  12. I think.,ashwin should there in place of umesh ❤

  13. Selecting ishan over Bharat will be a crappy decision like Sanjay manjrekar's head

    Ishan kishan didn't even make his debut and having Bharat played his 4 test in previous bgt , ka Bharat is obvious choice

  14. Md.shami is a non wicket taker when it comes to overseas conditions..he can only get his seam bolt upright and garner praises from commentators for that only and my god when will India get rid of Umesh yadav..he has the greatest quality of releasing all the pressure that was built on the batsmen.if India loose which I m pretty much sure they will it will all come down to preferring Umesh yadav over ashwin

  15. Hope India pays for leaving out Ashwin 😊

  16. Aswin and ishan kishan Missing

  17. What thought process leads to the exclusion of the No. 1 ranked bowler in the world against one of his favourite opponents playing 4, left handed batters in the top 7, will forever escape me. I hope Smith & Warner scores centuries and blast the India blowers to oblivion