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WWE Anthem | Friday Night Smackdown on FOX

We’re all superstars. Get ready for Friday Night Smackdown, coming to FOX October 4th.

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WWE Anthem | Friday Night Smackdown on FOX

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  1. One of the best WWE commercials in a while.

  2. Fox please bring back pyro and cool entrance

  3. Lol false advertising at best😂💀

  4. Why was Rey Mtsterio in the commercial he is a RAW guy!?!?!?!?

  5. I like the newer yet older logo design.

  6. Whatever happend to the Don't Try This Anywhere campaign ?

  7. should've use smackdown superstars only

  8. Man this is so exciting. Looking forward to the first show. Awesome move.

    New original music uploaded on my channel. Check it out. 🙏🏽

  9. Children in a WWE advertising. 😑
    PG sucks. 📉

  10. Why doesn't this have the triple h water spitting thing. That was childhood 👌🏼

  11. It's not coming to Friday night it is returning to Friday night SmackDown just like it was in the 90s

  12. Why stone cold on a smackdown commercial or less it's a clue that he's appearing on the first episode I'm down for that hopefully he becomes a regular but raw won't let that happen

  13. is that peter chao as the bartender???? chao outside muthaf*er lol

  14. What kid today is imitating any of these so called "stars"? Becky lynch and Kofi Kingston are not stars (along with the rest of the roster) which is probably why they had to put Stone Cold, Rock and an old clip of the Undertaker

  15. Idk why but I genuinely enjoyed this, like no lie💥

  16. The fact that they’re *still* relying on stone cold to sell the product, even though he’s been retired sixteen years, tells me all I need to know.


  18. Wwe smackdown moved to my tv in 2008 on October 3rd

  19. Guys I hate to say it but the wildcard rule is still going to happen. Why else would Becky lynch and Rey mysterio be in this trailer.

  20. now question is friday night Smackdown gonna be on regular local Fox channel or Fox Sports?

  21. Still relying on old superstars to push the product

  22. I loved the new logo look like a throwback to the 2001-2008 logo.

  23. Who wants the new smackdown to have the old fist

  24. Man so awesome! Although kind of hyping up wrestlers who aren't even on that brand if the wild card rule does end when this move happens. Btw I saw that Kofi Boom Boom Boom. 😂 Too bad he doesn't even do that anymore.

  25. Are Rock and Austin still on WWE?

  26. I hope they'll still use the finger and a fist theme from drowning pool… Since nxt going to USA going against AEW on TNT. FOX gotta make Smackdown go against Raw

  27. great now im gonna get kicked out of the mall for rkoing a mannequin

  28. I have zero interest in watching the WWE, but I'd watch this 1-minute commercial over and over again. It's great.


  30. It's well done, but it's just too much crammed into a short commerical, and cut too quickly. It's a perfect example of what WWE is nowadays… Quantity over quality.

  31. What Channel number is Fox? I forgot.

  32. Oh so Sasha finna win the belt and Becky is moving to Smackdown. I guess Bayley is finna lol ose he belt to Charlotte and move to Raw for Bayley vs Sasha feud. Or they may keep their belt, but they're switching colors , I bet.

  33. Joe Buck For Commentary 😭😭😭😭

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