Saturday , August 15 2020
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Yang talks universal basic income plan


Entrepreneur Andrew Yang tells ABC News how he could put “economic resources into Americans’ hands” as president.

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  1. Yay! Free money stolen from the taxpayers and thrown back onto them!

    "How do you plan to pay for all of this, Yang?"
    Yang: "um..bad corporations do bad stuff."

  2. Yang looks like he caught sight of some side boob on the thumbnail

  3. Yang want makee GREAT LEAP FORWARD Likee Chairman Meow!

  4. 26 year old woman of the Yang Gang here.


  6. We support you form Canada. We wish we had someone like you in Canada.

  7. Let's not act dumb here. Yang's UBI plan is the main reason why he's going to get a ton of votes. But honestly, does anyone see a better all around candidate right now in either party? Not only does Yang offer UBI but his ideas are just right moving forward into this highly technological world. You can not tell me for one second that Trump or Biden hold and edge on him on all the important issues plaguing the American people. I don't get paid for this shit but Yang makes sense. He actually uses that brain he was born with.

  8. You got my vote Andrew……from an ex trump voter….and ex republican.

  9. My conservative Mom, 73 year old just turned to be a Yang Gang two weeks ago. But, she told me that if Yang is not nominated, she will vote with the conservatives.

  10. Not American citizen! can't vote, but his words are so real, so true!

  11. Not even American but I would certainly vote for him because of his ideals and policy.

  12. There are many seniors and retired persons in the #yanggang 2020. I am one of them.

  13. Solve your own problems and not let others solve it #yanggang

  14. i'm okay not being a part of the yang gang lol

  15. Clown show bunch of morons.

  16. I don't believe he has any chance to get elected. The way he talks is like a startup boss meeting with venture capitalists. People from low end labor market can only understand Sanders. Talented high tech workers would feel strangely that he might look like an unfriendly competitor on their career path and therefore they will mostly go with Warren who seems to also have a high IQ but not that aggressive. For all others, probably Biden. None of them can beat Trump though.

  17. Huge Yang supporter. His explanation of how to make hundreds of billions of dollars doesn’t even come close to paying for UBI, which cost $3.4 trillion per year. I want him to explain where the rest comes from.

  18. Too bad you didn't give him 5 minutes on the stage…Guy is one of the best candidates to run and you let the most radical and mediacentic one's talk the most. Sad because he actually has a plan and all they did was spin their wheels like typical politicians…

  19. I am 44 and support Yang…So does my spouse and our parents….This is why you can’t trust mainstream media…These are the mind games they play with people.

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