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Young student calls 911 to report allegedly ‘drunk’ school bus driver

Police in Washington state used the child’s information to locate the bus and arrested Catherine Maccarone. The school district said she had been driving 2 bus routes with about 90 students on board.



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  1. What the actual hell paid leave she should lose her job serve prison time. For her to get drunk and risk children's lives makes me so angry 😡😡😡😡

  2. When I rode the Bus our Bus Driver used to give us all a beer on the ride home 🙌 Old School Cool

  3. She does not deserve paid leave am I right because what if she had killed all 90 of those kids then I would be so sad 😭 and then she would get the jail service for 90 years haha I wish

  4. Paid wow they really don’t care up about there students lives.

  5. That was a brave little boy He did a great thing calling 911 about his drunk Bus driver

  6. 👏 still some hope for humanity

  7. Wow kids are such lil bitchs nowadays, when I was in HS we would have smoked a joint with her.

  8. Dude I started driving to school right Before this video came out but I’m on her highschool run in the morning and afternoon! So glad I wasn’t there..

  9. This kid is so mature… Someday he will be the President of.. Wait, did I say mature? I take i back you do need it.. D Trump is not that mature.. lol

  10. You know the kid sounds absoulety cute !!!Good job..paid leave who the fuck is in charge ….ohhh he must be getting helmet

  11. Why is it allegedly and 'drunk'? Should it not just be: Schoolchild calls police on intoxicated school bus driver?

  12. Double standard much? I mean c’mon, she has a year with the company and that might be her first offense but seriously paid leave!!?? That’s ridiculous, she put the lives of children at risk, I don’t know what that bus driver is going through and quite frankly I don’t really care, she should’ve never jeopardize the lives of anyone especially children!! I bet if it was a male driver he would’ve been not only fired, but fined and incarcerated.

  13. Needs to be charged for attempted murder 90x

  14. I hope that b$&@“ goes down!

  15. So bus driver who is drunk but havent endangered anyone is immediately jailed and yet a woman who has already hired hitman to kill husband but failed to do so is allowed to walk on the street with a slap on her wrist?

  16. Oh wow! I am glad that kid did something! Smart boy

  17. She shouldnt have paid leave after endagering the lives of those kids 😒

  18. Political correctness strikes again. She was placed on paid leave and only charged with 2 counts? PC dictates that you have to politely punish her so as not to violate her civil rights. You don't want to hurt her feelings, nor make her feel like a victim. Now as you have read that, I hope you feel as stupid as I do for ever typing such a thing. Yet why else was her punishment(so far mind you) so light? She should have had the axe fall on her completely. The world is so busy being afraid to violate someone's rights, which includes rapists, murderers, alcoholics driving children on a bus, drug traffickers, and so on, the victims being victimized ceases to end. Stop the PC BS, and punish her Texas style.
    And FYI, alcoholism is a disease, and everyone deserves treatment accordingly, but this goes beyond that. Children have it bad enough in a world where no parents exist. They don't need a drunk driver playing russian roulette with their already teetering on ice lives.

  19. Good for that little boy!

  20. Remember dumb parents that say "children don't need phones"

  21. Good god this is horrible for the kids to witness and could have killed every child .Paid leave wooooow

  22. Awesome kid!!!Good job!🥇🥇🥇

  23. Paid leave for putting kids in danger. Now I've seen it all.

  24. Is it me or are kids growing up faster??

  25. My bus driver has to put up with annoying teens. Yelling, screaming, swearing. And much much more.

  26. Sksksksksksksksksk bus driver : *goes off road* ”AND I OOP”

  27. Why is she not fired from her job

  28. If you are an alcoholic, don't get a job as a driver. Especially a job as a school bus driver.

  29. That's where i live, i wonder what school it was.

  30. Paid leave?!?!? This is a joke right?

  31. Cops get paid leave after intentionally killing people

  32. Drunk driving is what white folks do best…smh…alcoholics because of too much privilege (-:

  33. Now this really no safety the school need to get on top everyone safety smell their breath before anyone get to ride any bus

  34. Gets dui school gives her paid leave lol not even all that shocking

  35. So I am glad this driver was made accountable but the report fails to mention the fact the woman is in the middle of a bad divorce and OBVIOUSLY not thinking and having a mental health issue. That should be mention. I am a transplant to this beautiful town of Longview, WA, and it makes me sad that this is how the nation will know us as if the Green Day song wasn't bad enough. My kids took the regular, and special needs buses for the 2 years prior to this year. We never had a problem with any of the drivers and my daughter is a strong-willed, very verbal Mosaic Down Syndrome child and could be difficult to transport. They all were great. This one fluke could have happened anywhere. I am really glad that kid called it in. It doesn't excuse her behavior but it does explain it if that makes sense.

  36. I wonder if the driver has ever heard that ole sayin: "Got thrown under the bus." before? 😂

  37. When you let blueface drive the bus

  38. So she is driving a buss full of little kids while DWI and the worst punishment she is getting is a PAID LEAVE ….. while in another location a Father of a little girl who is using his freedom of speech on a radio talk shows somehow gets his daughter banned from pre school…. and let's not forget that bullies get off easy with no punishment

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