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‘Younger’ star Nico Tortorella on their untraditional marriage, LGBTQ+ advocacy | Nightline

Tortorella and fitness guru Bethany C. Meyers are a uniquely modern couple. Both are gender fluid, redefining what “husband and wife” means. Tortorella shares their story in “The Space Between.”


ALSO AVAILABLE ON HULU: https://hulu.tv/2wSmSrZ

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  1. I went to the same church with Bethany growing up. She did grow up in a conservative family. It’s shocking to me to see where she is now in life. Not knocking her down or anything. Just shocking

  2. Their relationship works n as long as ur truly happy who cares who u sleep with ..I don't !!!!

  3. Recipe for suicide!! Sad world!!

  4. Hey live your life… I don’t understand this at all in any way and would never live my life this way for any reason… but this is their life and glad they’re happy.

  5. I am inspired by this beautiful, gorgeous couple.

  6. Until women are equal to men, I don’t think it’s healthy to pretend we are all on the same level..

  7. That is so stupid! 🙄🙄🙄

  8. Interesting 🤨 I’m A Young Fan ❤️

  9. If this (being themselves) makes them happy(which it should) what is everyone’s problem? It’s their life!

  10. So sorry. These people are weird. If you want to have other partner's. They shouldn't have been married.

  11. 2 insane morons found each other

  12. Just a bunch of titles who gives a shit just be whatever you are why does it matter what people say…. oh no one cares what people think until they tell you a joke then your going to jail for a hate crime can we just not give a shit about each others personal lives your rich and famous so stop acting like your life is hard your fuckstick

  13. There are a lot "worse" things people can do besides identifying as gender fluid. Get over yourselves.

  14. What is happening to the world? This has nothing to do with biology.. and everything to do with psychology. Love who you want but this pronoun thing is bs.

  15. So much love for Nico and Bethany and their story! I have been folllwing Bethany's instagram and their company for a while now and they are a lovely person and their activism as well as nicos is so amazing and important! It's great that they are so open with their relationship and personalities to show how it's done and that they are just two other humans with love for especially eachother and many more! Great video and much love and all the best for them both!!

  16. Why? Is this what fame brings? So sad. God is your CREATOR and you are male and she is female. You cannot get around the facts; whether you accept or not. God Has The Last Word on How He Created you. So sad 😞 Jesus, Jesus, Jesus

  17. Oh wow, two wealthy actors being ridiculous and self indulgent?? What a shock

  18. The world doesn't need the added confusion of identity disorder becoming a trend now . People with identity disorders are going through real struggles , and they need the help and support of all of us as a community to get over their psychological problems.
    If a person has a physical disease , we don't tell them your disease is the norm , we tell them to seek the medical help that they need .
    Furthermore, if people start to open up their marriage to others , not only are they putting their health at risk , but also they will have an unstable unpredictable relationship with their partner . These are the real facts !

  19. I love you both so much!! You’re such an inspiration. ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

  20. Yh but still you are a man a woman 🤔

  21. They’re doing them. Good. As it should be. Can’t live your life based on the judgements of other flawed human beings. Do what’s best for you. We get one life. Don’t live if according to someone else.

  22. Respect them… just think there quite annoying. Let’s stop labeling and putting people in boxes and just be.

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