Friday , November 27 2020
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Zuckerberg backs free speech after alleged political bias on Facebook

Tech analyst Shana Glenzer weighs in on Mark Zuckerberg defending free speech.

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  1. It’s a trick, he’s allowing free speech but at the same time promoting political movements he likes like occupy democrats. I get more occupy democrats ads than I do conservative ads.

  2. Backs “Free Speech”… if you agree with his opinion !

  3. FB are liars! They kick you off if you post a pic of Trump! Get out of fb stock! They suck!

  4. Zuckerberg is a fukn joke

  5. Warren is just as criminal Zuckerberg

  6. Zuckerberg does not support free speech.

  7. His looks really creep me out. Does he remind anyone of Data from Star Trek the Next Generation?

  8. invasion of privacy as business model.

  9. antisemitism is the only systemic racism.

  10. Mark already betrayed the Americans public trust

  11. ZuckerWorm is NOT TO BE TRUSTED!

  12. Fix'd: Zuckerberg backs LOVE speech after alleged political bias on Facebook

  13. Facebook lies I was just suspended for comments about cops being murderers. They obviously didn’t look into what I said because I gave statistics from cdc. So I didn’t lie I stated facts

  14. He's finally "woke" to the REAL truth. As soon as Warren started talking about splitting up huge corporations…like Facebook…he re-evaluated his priorities.

  15. You can relate to Zukerberg can't you Neil, hated by Democrats and Republicans. GET OFF MY TV.

  16. He looks like a vampire from a painting done in the 1400s


  18. I don't trust him… time and the actions of FB will tell if he really supports free speech.

  19. Offensive speech is not free speech. Hateful Right-wing/Conservative pages should be removed from the platform.

  20. and you all believe it. now go login to your fa.gbook and pretend your special

  21. He has a big snooze. Is he jewsih?

  22. Trump wants to ban or sue all news that doesn't praise him and you're jumping all over Mark? You Trump fanatics are as stupid as they say.

  23. Kabbalist puppet for the elite

  24. if chief warren was allowed enough accounts to cover her multiple issues and political marketing expectations then she probably wouldnt be trying the unaccepted anyways savage route. she certainly didnt have any problem with all the countless leftist 'media' scams to try and rig a consensus that their ford flopped circus needs. that stated, they probably both could be corrected then removed.

  25. The real issue is our criminal president……..Genuine American Patriots want Trump behind bars

  26. Supporting the head of “We are taking your firearms” ideology. Of course he’d want the people under more control by the government. A traitor to the nation posed as a friendly creator.

  27. You'd have to be pretty damned stupid to think this CIA clown backs free speech.

  28. Joseph Goebbels would be so proud of this lying little punk. I have never used your stupid platform, it is worthless.

  29. In the 80's we had crack-cocaine… Today we have Facebook, both cause people to be out of touch with reality and decrease intelligence.

  30. meanwhile I've been banned from leaving responses to comments on all FOX sites accessed thru youtube

  31. This man looks like he has no soul.

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