Monday , November 30 2020
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Zuckerberg changes tune on free speech, Facebook brand value declines

MarketWatch Tech Editor Jeremy Owens and Chatham Road Partners Director of Research Colin Gillis discuss how Mark Zuckerberg’s perspectives on free speech have changed recently.

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  1. People don't have the balls to leave Facebook, they're like junkies that can't kick a bad habit.

  2. The message is fine. The key really is to be able to shift the conversation to someone with a deep understanding of the issue on a legal, ethical, and technical level. What is technology capable of doing safely. Are there any things that need manual oversight?

    It's hypocritical to demand a change, then hate on a company for trying to implement it.

    I'm trying to point out that I don't think rouge AI companies have a choice. The government isn't ultimately going to regulate healthcare goods manufacturers, car manufacturers, and defense manufacturers in order to allow FB to play partisan politics. FB can afford to buy or create a PE JD to argue a conservative case on what it's doing. Basically, if I was FB, I would want to send Rob from engineering to confuse the lawyers with both in actual intricacies of the law and technology on the issues.

    The way I understand the order of the world. The primordial tribe. The primatial religion. The you have allies of law and builders (now engineers). You trust the one because it basically obeys the other going as fast as possible, and distrust, rightly, the other.

  3. haven’t had a facebook since 2014

  4. Mark Zuckerberg has shown humanity just how far AI has grown

  5. Can take their apps, phones, games, sneakers and balls to china. And good luck to them.

  6. cheated his best friend and co-founder.

  7. All these middle eastern men are adding me on facebook and its 99% of the time. They really do bug you in messages. And straight trying to call you every minute Its one request after another too. Omg I'm not waste my time on that.😂 if your a female good luck trying to read your friends post cuz it never happens.

  8. Somebody tell Zukerberg, the little rat, one word. Karma!

  9. Espèce de bâtard facebook
    Pourquoi tu bloque ma page Facebook espèce de con

  10. I only have my Facebook account reactivated just to sell some of my crap. I’ve went through and deleted a lot of my likes, conversations etc. honestly it has lost its luster. It is only a stalking platform.

  11. As long as other pay companies are "uploadable" to Apple products then there is not really a problem because people can still make a decision on which product to use. PayPal or even if Western Union cal out with some type of system and it could be uploaded….. As long as there's a choice and not a "No you can't play in my sandbox" attitude. Since Apple, Android or other platforms use different "language" so to speak then the other providers would Red to be able to write for various platforms. That's on them.
    It gets sticky where all platforms aren't available to all providers.

  12. Ich rate jeden davon ab, auf Facebook Geld für Spiele zu bezahlen. Sperrung ist jederzeit möglich. Ich rate jeden davon ab seine Daten (Handynummer, Personalausweis oder ein anderes Dokument, Foto) zu hinterlassen, man wird trotzdem gesperrt. Nach der Sperrung verfügt Facebook über Eure Fotos, Kommentare usw. Ihr könnt nichts mehr löschen. Alle Kinderfotos einfach alles behält Facebook. Ich bin kein Schwerverbrecher und kein Hater. Ich habe nur eine Meinung gegen RECHTS. Ich wurde wegen Spam gemeldet aber ich bin kein Spammer. Facebook Ihr werdet jede Menge Kunden verlieren. Deutschland ist nicht Amerika.

  13. Only political ads I've seen on Facebook were from democratic socialists

  14. facebook has been losing revenue due to being woke lol

  15. Who uses Facebook anyway

  16. Mark Zuckerberg is a "social" predator. No different than any other predator.

  17. Zuckerberg in charge of our freedoms? Please.

  18. Free Speech is the most essential ingredient of Democracy.
    We should allow NOBODY to compromise it.

  19. The CIA~FACEBOOK is out to catch all those bad people

  20. He was not there to Defend anything But Trying to get the Regulation that these Corps Vie for……So they can become a Utility and be around forever like the Electric Co! "But Ma bell got broken up" Thats what we can Hope for…….I think Trump is going to pick these Sons o Bitch's apart like Ma Bell.

  21. How to make Facebook less power? Deactivate the account. We the people control Facebook. We give it power. We should take it away.


  23. If you have a thick skin and a spine, nothing anyone says on the internet can hurt you.

  24. Zuckerberg believes in free speech if he agree with you other wise it’s hate speech.

  25. Free speech… When it comes to Facebook, free speech is long gone. for example, your FB account is shut if you dare call pervert a pervert on you FB page. Well, pervert is as pervert does, and Zuckerberg can go suck off a donkey.

  26. After booting people who love America off the platform for the past 3 to 4 years, he’s finally figured out that being on the side of totalitarian liberals/Chinese is bad for business. Better late than never. Keep out of 2020.

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