Tuesday , December 1 2020
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Zuckerberg to face Congress over cryptocurrency

Rep. Lance Gooden (R-TX) discusses Mark Zuckerberg’s notion to headquarter Facebook in Switzerland and Facebook’s cryptocurrency Libra.

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  1. Dumb congressman's never understand a difference between an innovation and creation. Crypto will be a future of financial system whether u like it or not.

  2. "zucked", If you're not paying for it, you're the product. Someone say No to these vc's, tech 20-somethings, and anonymous phony Metadata collectors hiding behind a computer screen, for their own profit. More Sunlight and Regulation, less "community" and "connect" , sorry not sorry heading to Switzerland, collectivist doublespeak.

  3. Stick this albino in the oven, he needs a tan.

  4. Bias Alert: Zuckerberg claims facebook to be neutral re 2020.
    Well, if this was so, why does Facebook allow anti-Trump groups???
    Yeah, there are several anti-Trump groups on Facebook. Its there Trump haters meet to slam Trump, to spread fake news about Trump and, most importantly, its in these Facebook groups that Trump haters plan their anti-Trump protests and rallies.
    Now, if people try to form anti-democracy or anti-liberal groups in Facebook, they are instantly shut down by moderators.
    But for some reason, anti-Trump groups, which are basically anti-America and anti-republican, are allowed to bloom on Facebook.
    Fox, next time you interview Zuckerberg, you should ask why he allows anti-Trump groups, while all other such hate groups are moderated and deleted on Facebook! Reveal Facebook bias Against president Trump!

  5. I have deleted my Face Book off of my iPad and iPhone for ever to evil for me.

  6. soulless silicon valley. Has he "connected" with any of the "community" of homeless all over the sidewalks? another limousine liberal, gated in, preaching what others should do. nauseating.

  7. How about he face a judge and a jury instead?

  8. – 68% of shareholders want him out. He should be fired if he uses the word "connect" and "community" one more time. It's a biased, deceptive, anonymous data mining company.

  9. – 68% of shareholders want him out. He should be fired if he uses the word "connect" and "community" one more time. It's a biased, deceptive, anonymous data mining company.

  10. Has yet to offer any Accountability, outsources little it does, on fake, duplicitous prolonged Invasion of Privacy, anonymous data mining and selling, Deceptive, Obstructive, Biased and Monopoly Practices. now currency – Good Luck with That.

    – 68% of shareholders want him out. He should be fired if he uses the word "connect" and "community" one more time.

  11. 2018 Facebook revenue = $55billion. Yang2020 VAT tax on Facebook sales = $5.5 billion to be distributed in $1000 checks to the owners of the country. Dividends reduce welfare, provide help for stay at home parents, increase economic growth and help local business.

  12. You know, I'm not down for any crypto-currency, but you guys are asking the same questions like "How are you gonna stop criminals from using Libra to pay for human trafficking, doing money laundering, etc?"

    You guys forget that Criminals already use the American Dollar for all their crime anyway. You haven't stopped them from using US currency to finance their crimes, so how are Crypto-currency makers going to solve it?

  13. He almost said cesspool Facebook suxs. Sui Sure.

  14. Is that a mask “z” is wearing at the beginning of the video?

  15. That will be an interesting conversation.

    Explain crypto to 60+ year olds and how it is better as the good old dollar?!

  16. 3rd World War Main American Facebook ki Wajah Se Bahut Buri Tarah Se Harenge

  17. Zuckerberg :

    Emperor Nero faces the world of money thieves.

  18. Crypto from Fakebook sounds like a scam

  19. He lied to Congress about Facebook not suppressing Trump's supporters so where are the armed frogmen with CNN standing by like they did to little Roger Stone?

  20. US has way too many regulations and laws against it. very few in switzerland. and the US is going nuts that they wont be able to tax or control it

  21. Makes me think of the movie, Crypto.

  22. Facebook needs to be broken up. Grow a Spine Congress

  23. Boycott Facebook.. it’s simple

  24. Zuckercunt abused and sold your basic information and your private communications, spied on you and censored you.

    Why would you trust him to be in control of your finances?

    His little attempt for Facebook to become a global currency should be squashed quickly and forever.

  25. You ask about a lot of things you can do with cash. I think that's all banking stuff, that it shouldn't be easier to do in crypto than cash.

    Because cryptos are by definition traceable and more difficult to use due to technology many people think the answer is obviously they should be legal.

    We want to have a lot of things available, I think.

    It's almost like a negotiation, like the government wants to have immediate access to all information, but we'd rather not, lol, have that happen. Similarly we don't want to do away with cash.

    Cryptos keep track of a lot of information the government doesn't need to know.

    It seems reasonable for the system to attempt to investigate behavior that contains obvious red flags like a bank. And the legal systems of the world need to be able to seize assets lawfully. A few things here and there…

  26. Zuckerberg and the rest of the lucifarians are working hard to take control of the world their time is short

  27. NO. Full stop!
    Communist slimeball.

  28. Moron Mark Zuckerberg is a CIA agent and doesn't run nor own Facebook. His mind is controlled… a robot. He is a waste of time, and money.

  29. Look at this picture… He looks like a robot.

  30. I am suspicious about FB’s cryptocurrency proposal with offshoring it to Switzerland. Looks very shady.

  31. These are questions that Facebook ceo hasn't to worry about just because the giant company has been way ahead of government regulations.

  32. The biggest statement you can make to fb, is to delete your account. Your data on average for the USA consumer is that ten times of any other nation. Your data is valuable. Delete it and make a statement to fb. No more ripping us off and no more speech control.

  33. Monopoly just like AT&T break them up

  34. Libra is NOT a crypto currency, it's a digital asset. It does not meet the criteria of a crypto currency…. Crypto currency is the future because it's decentralized, Facebook Libra is just a digital fiat controlled centrally by a business instead of a government/fed. BUY BITCOIN AND XRP!

  35. Switzerland has hills and valleys with slopes of thick grassland's and snow white touchees.

    Libra is like when snow melts to water and the crypto currency's made with 🤑 applications of 🍌🍒.

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